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Selective Design | Nakymatone & Gray - Speakers – Architectural & Invisible

A portfolio that stands apart, for discerning clients. Our mission at Selective Design is to offer products that perform at the top of their categories, and feature design differentiation from the pack of uninspired, “me too” alternatives. We look to partner with integrators, designers and architects interested in working together to offer discerning clients products they’re not going to see everywhere else. Our products may cost more, but gorgeous designs utilizing specialized materials and delivering superior performance in any luxury goods category always do. We believe that anyone who has chosen to own distinctive products like ours in other areas of their lives already understands their benefits and value to their lifestyle. They likely haven’t been shown entertainment products like ours and therefore weren’t given the choice to own something of this quality.

Product Highlights: 

Nakymatone Invisible Speakers
Nakymatone of Canada has succeeded where other invisibles have failed. Performance and ease-of-installation advantages way above the alternatives.
Gray Sound Small Apertures
Gray's small apertures deliver the clearest sound and widest listening coverage in the category. Mesh grilles so beautifully designed they appear to be fabric.
Nakymatone/Gray Subwoofer
We don't believe bass can be reproduced accurately invisibly. Our companion subwoofer is hidden, and vents via a matching grille or air vent. Superior results.
Gray Sound
Short movie depicting installation and listening coverage of Gray Sound small aperture speakers.
Nakymatone Invisible Speaker installation
Short tutorial demonstrating ease-of-installation advantages way above the alternatives.
Selective Design | Nakymatone & Gray
Years in business: 12