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Stewart Filmscreen, an ISO 9001:2015 registered and woman-owned technology company, has been the world’s premier professional projection screen manufacturer since 1947. Handmade in Torrance, CA, Stewart has created over 25 different screen materials to address the specific projection needs of each unique venue. With exclusive home cinemas, large-venue commercial applications, and film post-production studios around the world, Stewart is synonymous for on-screen image perfection. As the preferred exclusive creator of professional and home-based projection screens such as Director’s Choice EVO, CineCurve, VistaScope EVO, Balón Edge, WallScreen Deluxe as well as Luxus and Cascade, Stewart Filmscreen stands alone in exceeding the most challenging requirements — from demanding aerospace customers as well as from all commercial and home environments. With customers in over 150 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and APAC, including the biggest names in Hollywood, Stewart is the reference standard for stunning, visual immersion. 

Product Highlights: 

WallScreen Series
Available in four different framing solutions from 1.5 to 3.75 inches. Each frame is tailored to a specific application, including UST projectors.
Balón Series
Choose a borderless or a 0.5” bordered fixed frame screen system. Available with an optional LED kit, this high demand screen can go as large as you want to go.
WallMask matches your customer’s viewing preference perfectly at a much lower price point. Select vertical or horizontal masking — or choose both!
2-way continuously variable vertical masking guarantees all content is viewed in the correct aspect ratio. This screen is best-in-class.
Director's Choice
4-way continuously variable masking screen. See all content in its proper format— a favorite for Netflix and many other online streaming service companies.
Retractable below-ceiling screen features a new sliding mounting bracket and multi-platform control. Optional billet aluminum end caps. This system stuns.
Retractable below-ceiling screen system in a high gloss finish and a choice of four case colors. Optional built-in LED wall wash lighting. In a word, “Gorgeous.
Retractable above-ceiling, self-finishing screen system packs a big image in a small case. Optional vertical or horizontal masking. Installers love this screen.
A retractable screen system with a trap door that conceals the unit until deployed. Available with optional vertical or horizontal masking.
A retractable dual roller screen system featuring any two aspect ratios. Choose 16:9 for daytime viewing and Scope for night-time, cinematic viewing. Very cool.
Mirror System
Reduces the amount of space required for rear projection installs and easily adapts to the latest projection technologies. Custom built for all applications.
Projector Port
Pre-glazed projector ports customized for either single projector or multiple projector ports. Available in single pane and sound-isolating, dual pane versions.
Stewart Filmscreen
Years in business: 76