Wall-Smart: Clean Up Tech Clutter for Serene Home Interiors

Wall-Smart: Clean Up Tech Clutter for Serene Home Interiors

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Studies show that homeowners who perceive their spaces as cluttered produce higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol throughout the day than those who describe their abodes as a well-organized and restful spaces. Remotes on coffee tables, smart speakers on countertops, TVs, tablets, and even huge banks of light switches on the walls can contribute to a stress-inducing visual mess. Consolidating these devices under a single control system certainly helps. There’s another step you can take downplay their appearance even more all while preserving architectural integrity and design intent of the home.

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WALL-SMART makes touchscreens and voice assistants mount flush against the wall for a more elegant installation.

Technology manufacturers like WALL-SMART recognize the need to minimize the visual impact of electronic equipment. For just about every device that sits on a tabletop, the company offers a custom-designed and fabricated mount that tucks the tech flush or recessed within the wall or ceiling surface. Rendered as a seamless extension of the wall material or completely concealed above the ceiling, Wi-Fi access points, soundbars, security cameras, touchscreens, tablets, keypads, light switches, and thermostats transform from electronic eyesores to elegant home tech assets.

Start by considering the wall surface itself. Many mounts are intended only for installation in drywall. WALL-SMART, however, offer mounts that can also be recessed in solid surfaces like marble, metal, concrete, glass, and other materials common in today’s homes, whether they are for a brand new home or being installed in the walls of an existing home. 

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Image courtesy of SmartTouch USA, featuring a Crestron panel mounted flush to the wall using a WALL-SMART mount for a clean and integrated look.

New Construction Wall Mounts

As the name suggests, WALL-SMART New Construction mounts are designed for a flush installation of a variety of smart home components within the drywall as a home is being constructed. The installation of the New Construction mounts is straightforward, following standard drywall construction procedures. WALL-SMART’s line of New Construction Mounts is extensive, ranging from mounts for surveillance cameras and Wi-Fi access points to tablets and touchscreens. 

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Image courtesy of SmartTouch USA, showing a Basalte keypad using a WALL-SMART flush mount.

Retrofit Wall Mounts

If new construction isn’t an option, WALL-SMART Retrofit Mounts are a simple mounting solution that can be added to the structure of existing homes. Requiring no construction or paint work to install, WALL-SMART’S Retrofit Mounts are the perfect solution for quick upgrades from older devices and speedy installations due to project constraints. The Retrofit Mounts are finished with a painted bezel. The bezels provided with WALL-SMART’s Retrofit mounts provide some wiggle room when updating old smart home devices with new models.

Solid Surface Wall Mounts

WALL-SMART developed its Solid Surface mounts to recess a variety of home tech devices flush with the surfaces of solid materials such as wood, metal, glass, marble, granite, and more. Designed with depth calibration to adjust to different wall thicknesses of solid surfaces, they create a smooth, seamless transition between the surface and the wall-mounted device. 

Whatever your unique application is, whether it’s retrofitting a historic home with touchscreens for smart-home control, outfitting a modern, newly constructed residence with access points and voice assistants, or working with existing surfaces, WALL-SMART has you covered with the right solution for your devices, helping deliver a design-friendly home that has all the modern conveniences of smart home technology.

WiFi access points are not the most attractive electronics, so WALL-SMART hides them in the ceiling, shown here at a recent tradeshow: https://youtube.com/shorts/De_xhuwhc8Y?feature=share