Meyer Sound for Reference - Grade Residential Cinema Sound

Meyer Sound for Reference - Grade Residential Cinema Sound

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Meyer Sound, a global leader in professional residential cinema audio solutions, is leveraging its recent growth surge in the high-value home cinema market. Blake Vackar, Meyer Sound Residential Sales Manager, and Jay Wyatt, Meyer Sound Program Manager, Cinema and Residential, are developing and overseeing all cinema product sales. The team also provides pre- and after-sales support for clients in the cinema post-production, exhibition, and residential markets.

Following a successful collaboration at CEDIA with Kaleidescape, the industry leader in delivering the finest private cinema playback experience, the companies are currently running a co-promotion. Customers who purchase a Kaleidescape Terra movie server and Strato C movie player with any Meyer Sound loudspeaker surround system will be provided access to a Meyer Sound-curated collection of movies.

Learn about Meyer Sound’s residential solutions on this recently launched web page:

Meyer Sound’s self-powered loudspeakers systems have become the professional’s choice because of their accuracy, linearity and consistent response as systems are scaled from smaller to larger rooms.

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•    Accuracy: Wide bandwidth, flat amplitude, and phase response, and extremely low distortion.
•    Linearity: The loudspeaker maintains uniform response regardless of output level.
•    Consistency: Meyer Sound loudspeakers are favored in post-production because small monitors in editing rooms translate seamlessly to the larger monitors used for the final mix on the dubbing stage. Meyer Sound loudspeakers also maintain a common sonic signature between screen channels and surrounds. All surrounds are self-powered and biamplified with active crossovers, an advantage unique in the industry.

The Meyer Sound line of cinema loudspeakers comprises Acheron, the Bluehorn System, and the Ultra Reflex screen channel solution, four cinema subwoofers, and four self-powered surround systems.

Acheron Screen Channel Loudspeakers: The flagship Acheron 80 and 100 are two-way, full-range systems, each with a 15-inch woofer, differing only in the horizontal coverage of the signature horn design. Acheron Studio is a more compact version geared toward smaller rooms, while the even more compact Acheron Designer is ideal for more intimate settings — particularly where space behind the screen is limited.

Bluehorn System: A breakthrough in full-bandwidth, phase-linear technology, the fully integrated, three-way Bluehorn System delivers the ultimate in power, transparency, and breathtaking detail.

Ultra Reflex: Taking sound in a new direction, Ultra Reflex is the first LCR screen channel solution for direct view LED Theaters. With full bandwidth sound coming from the solid LED wall, Ultra Reflex sets the foundation for the next generation of Residential Cinema.

Cinema Subwoofers: The X-1100C, X-800C, X-400C, and VLFC allow residential cinema designers to create systems with unrivaled power and definition for sounds extending below the threshold of hearing.

HMS Series Surrounds: Designed and engineered to complement any size room with uniform and predictable response, the HMS Series includes HMS-5, HMS-10, HMS-12, and HMS-15 loudspeakers, with the numeral indicating cone driver size (two in HMS-5). All are self-powered and internally bi- or triamplified using Meyer Sound’s exclusive IntelligentDC technology with remote DC power supplies.

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About Meyer Sound:

Established by John and Helen Meyer in 1979, Berkeley, California-based Meyer Sound has grown to become a preeminent global supplier of professional audio systems. The company’s installed systems are heard in Jazz at Lincoln Center, Vienna’s fabled Musikverein, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, China’s resplendent new Nine Trees Shanghai Future Art Centre, and nearly all Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas — just to name a few. 

Meyer Sound systems also power concert tours by major artists as diverse as Michael Bublé, Metallica, Dead & Company, and Ed Sheeran, with Sheeran’s recent stadium tour shattering Billboard’s all-time records.

And then there’s the Hollywood connection. Meyer Sound’s entry into the commercial cinema market was early in its history when Francis Ford Coppola engaged John Meyer to build custom subwoofers for limited showings of Apocalypse Now. Today, Meyer Sound offers a complete line of loudspeakers for commercial cinema exhibition, including a new system recently installed in Los Angeles at the prestigious theater operated by the Directors Guild of America. However, for the home cinema market, the more appropriately scaled systems would be those installed in dozens of film/video post-production studios around the world.

Film sound professionals rely on the power, accuracy and linearity of Meyer Sound loudspeakers while working at Pixar, Newman Scoring Stage at Fox Studio Lot, and composer John Powell’s private studio in the United States; Warner Bros. De Lane Lea Studios in London; Posta Amsterdam; and Rotor Film Studios in Germany, again, among many other facilities.