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Origin Acoustics - Curators of Design Centric Technology™

Origin Acoustics - Curators of Design Centric Technology™

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Now more than ever, interior designers, builders, and architects are being highly impacted by the technology going into today’s luxury residences. Unfortunately, many times there is a disconnect between these trades and the low-voltage custom installation industry, which can lead to confusion and sometimes a poor customer experience. 

For many outside the custom installation industry, design tends to win over functionality when it comes to choosing technology. Luxury home technology is not as widely known as typical consumer electronics, which is easily found online or in retail big box stores. Major brands within the custom home technology installation space are not common to other trades due to a lack  of awareness.

At Origin Acoustics, we understand the need to provide technology that not only provides enjoyment for the homeowner from a performance standpoint, but also blends into the design and environment.  Our history dates back to the creation of the first in-ceiling speaker in 1979, a common product today, however back then it was cutting edge for speaker design compared to  the more traditional large box speaker options, which were previously the only choice.

Over the years, we have curated strategic partnerships with other manufacturers that share our mission to create what we call Design Centric Technology™.  This initiative brings performance solutions that consumers want and aesthetically pleasing solutions that designers, builders, architects, and luxury home buyers desire. We work with many industry organizations, such as CEDIA, AIA, Emerald Group, NKBA, and more, to educate influencers on the different solutions available, which can help everyone achieve their goals for both new or existing homes.  

Home Audio and Theater

For most homeowners, being able to enjoy music and movies throughout the home and property is a great way to enhance the environment for relaxing, entertaining, or to help set a specific mood. Origin Acoustics offers a wide selection of in-celling and in-wall speakers that have a much smaller footprint than typical solutions on the market, allowing them to blend in easier to a given space.  We offer many sizes, though with our unique installation design, we can fit nearly 30 models of 6” or 8” speakers into the same sized bracket.  This gives the customer the ability to choose the performance of their sound at any time, instead of forcing a purchase at the time of prewire. This also makes it easier to service with less installation time and mess involved , should a speaker need to be serviced during their limited lifetime warranty. We also offer custom grill painting to match any ceiling or wall color and make blending in even easier.

pic:MOS.jpg pk:262 alt:None

In addition, we offer a “minimum opening” series of products, which allows great sound quality out of an opening approximately the size of a 3” or 4” small aperture lighting fixture, or standard 6” can light. This design centric line of products offers big sound from a product that can easily blend into the lighting throughout the home, further reducing ceiling clutter or drawing attention away from the lighting and room design.

Invisible Speakers

Sometimes not seeing any technology is the best way to enhance a space.  Using the latest invisible speaker technology, we offer several speaker options that install behind drywall and can be painted over, leaving the ceiling or wall without clutter. These products can be used for simple home theater applications, background music, and blend seamlessly into any room.  By not using traditional speaker technology, this product is designed to not need servicing. This is a great solution when design truly needs to be the focus, though having music is still desired.

The Soundbar

A popular speaker choice to pair with televisions is a sound bar. Most sound bars mount underneath a television and often are not built specifically to match the wide range of television sizes on the market. Our latest line of sound bars comes in 8 different models that range in size to fit almost all televisions available today.  Our patented InstaWidth™ design allows each end cap to easily adjust up to .75”, allowing 1.5” of extra width, which makes the product fit all standard width models from Sony, Samsung, and LG. Paired with our thin subwoofer, which can mount to a wall, fit under a couch or table, or be free standing, we have a great way to enhance the sound from your television without invasive speakers.

Outdoor Living

The outdoor living areas of today’s luxury homes are becoming an important extension of the house. Starting from the front courtyard, music can greet guests upon arrival and in the back yard speakers can be enjoyed while swimming in the pool or BBQing, with family and friends. Having speakers that can blend into the environment is very important, along with sound quality, which is drastically affected from being outdoors.  As the creators of the landscape speaker category, Origin Acoustics has a wide breadth of outdoor solutions that are designed to blend into the environment and sound great. 

pic:OA Bollards.png pk:263 alt:None

Our bollard provide an elegant speaker option available in round or square with 3 different color finishes. We also offer several landscape speaker options that can be located throughout the greenery and blend in. Lastly, more traditional outdoor speakers such as rock speakers which are designed to blend into rocky areas or more conventional box speakers that can mount under eaves or to hard surfaces are also available and designed to last in the outdoor environment.

Sometimes the only option is a custom option. Origin Acoustics is strategically partnered with Bang & Olufsen, a worldwide leader in design and technology. Bang & Olufsen products are available through our network of design centric home technology integrators, who can offer full bespoke options from portable audio to the most lavish high-end speakers. Utilizing all natural woods and fabrics, all colors and materials can be customized to your liking. When high-performance is desired and design is crucial, Bang & Olufsen is the only brand option.

Better Acoustics Means Better Sound

In many of today’s luxury homes, the combination of open floor plans, tall ceilings, and large windows creates an acoustic space that can be difficult to listen to music in or have a conversation.  

pic:Artnovion.jpg pk:261 alt:None

Untamed audio reflections throughout these types of areas make it difficult to hear speech or music clearly. One of our partners is an acoustic panel manufacturer out of Portugal called Artnovion. Artnovion products come in many designs and colors to provide acoustic treatment options to help make any room more enjoyable.  Each product is handmade utilizing the finest techniques used by top furniture manufacturers to create acoustical treatments that are very aesthetically pleasing.  This is a product line that is also bespoke and can be designed using virtually any color, image, or shape needed to blend into a space. Next time you go into one of your clients’ homes, clap your hands. If you hear reverberation or an echo, Artnovion would be a great solution to improve the environment with art.

Origin Acoustics offers thousands of products that can help bring joy and entertainment to any luxury environment. We have curated the best brand partners with products that fit into many different categories. Most importantly, we understand the need to bring people together and bridge the gap between design and technology. We regularly engage the design and builder community and are always innovating to bring more Design Centric Technology™ solutions together to make it easier for everyone to work towards the common goal of delighting customers and enhancing their home lifestyle experience.