Watching with Wow—Planar Lifestyle Displays: Luxury Viewing Experiences

Watching with Wow—Planar Lifestyle Displays: Luxury Viewing Experiences

Going out on the town for a night at the theater or attending a major sporting event was the pinnacle of entertainment for more than a century, but in recent years interests, and circumstances, have shifted. Staying in has increasingly grown in popularity as living room experiences become more compelling. Movie streaming, gaming, video meetings and digital art have all become staples of living spaces, all enticing people to skip going out.

Beyond choosing to stay in, COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and social distancing practices required millions of people to shift, at least temporarily, to remote work in 2020 and 2021. And according to a recent Mercer study, about 70% of employers plan to adopt some sort of hybrid on premise/work from home plan going forward. Employees and employers in many industries have acclimated to remote work and experienced significant productivity, work/life balance and morale gains, so it isn’t going away.

As more people spend more time at home, many yearn for the professional-level visual experiences to which they became accustomed in their workplace executive boardrooms or at luxurious hotels when they travel. They want to bring those same display experiences home, and are investing in commercial-grade technologies to do so.

Planar Lifestyle Displays

From cinema content to motion-based digital art, Planar® Lifestyle Displays enrich luxury living spaces with vibrant, high-resolution canvases for creative expression and entertainment, just like they do at the office. These professional-grade displays are available in three varieties to suit the various needs of each application, and in the case of the LED lines, come with Planar Elite Installation and Commissioning and a lifetime warranty—an unrivaled benefit in the industry.

The three lines of Planar Lifestyle Displays are: Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100, Planar Luxe and Planar Luxe MicroLED. Let’s examine how each fits in the luxury living environment.

Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100

Luxe-interiorwithpool-v03_3000x1253Flat panel LCD displays in the executive home office offer a large-format high-resolution alternative to desktop monitors. While on the surface one might think a consumer television could serve this same purpose, for the luxury remote office, nothing compares to the Planar® Luxe UltraRes X 100.

The 4KD HDR display offers wide color gamut for the most detailed and vibrant content. But 4K HDR is available at any big box store. What you can’t find as easily is a 100” diagonal, like this display offers. Where the Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 is most different is in its commercial-grade construction that facilitates extended use: it’s built to hold-up even if it’s never powered off. And if viewers have a tendency to get rowdy, the display is also available with Planar® ERO-LCD™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) protective glass.

Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 has more than two times the brightness of typical consumer TVs and can show up to four sources at once, with picture-in-picture, dual, triple and quad-view layout options. Watch the game, attend that virtual meeting and view your favorite artist’s work simultaneously with ease; and control the display and source layouts from a web browser or the companion mobile app. The display also works with your favorite control system, like Crestron or Extron.

Planar Luxe

MicroLED-interior-living_3000x1253Direct view LED video walls have appeared in boardrooms and office environments for several years and as pixel pitches—the distance between adjacent LEDs—has shrunk, resolution has improved, making fine pitch LED a viable option for luxury living. Planar Luxe LED displays deliver bright, Full HD, Double Full HD or 4K HDR viewing in awe-inspiring sizes from 109” to 219” with wide viewing angles ideal for any gathering or ambiance. The displays have no bezels or reflection to distract from the content on the screen.

The display has professional video processing and content windowing, but what stands out most about the Planar Luxe is that when it’s deployed in the U.S. or Canada it comes with the Planar® EverCare™ Lifetime Limited Warranty which covers every component, from the smallest sub-pixel to the video controller, for as long as the display is in use. This warranty is unmatched in the industry and is only possible because of Planar’s unrivaled North American presence. With headquarters, manufacturing and repair services in Oregon, and many regionally-located, professional product experts located across the country, Planar is uniquely positioned to provide professional top-shelf service.

Planar Luxe MicroLED

ultraresx-office-3000x1253Like Planar Luxe, the premium Planar Luxe MicroLED displays offer huge, seamless, high-resolution viewing, and comes with the Planar EverCare Lifetime Warranty offering customers complete confidence in their LED video wall purchase while reducing lifetime cost-of-ownership. As its name suggests, Planar Luxe MicroLED is built with smaller LEDs that enable even finer pixel pitches—even as small as 0.6mm between LEDs. These finer pixel pitches let the displays reach resolutions as high as 4K in the 108” model to 8K in the 217”.

But what is MicroLED? It’s simply an LED that is roughly half the size of a standard LED; with red, green and blue diodes that are about the width of a human hair. What’s fascinating about MicroLEDs is that their smaller size actually results in deeper black levels—because there is more black space between adjacent MicroLEDs. They are more energy efficient and product less heat than their standard counterparts, at the same brightness, and their maximum brightness output is twice as high. Where Planar Luxe displays offer 600 nits, Planar Luxe MicroLED displays can reach 1200; making them an excellent choice for rooms with high ambient light. The displays feature variable brightness and color settings, which means people can enjoy exceptional viewing experiences in brightly lit spaces with large windows as well as dark, theater-like environments.

Elite Installation & Commissioning

Planar Luxe and Planar Luxe MicroLED displays come with Planar Elite Technical Services—a premium offering and team of specially qualified and highly trained installation and maintenance professionals who are held to the highest standards of performance and professional conduct, exhibit impeccable cleanliness and have proven themselves in the field. This team delivers Planar Elite Installation and Commissioning, a new service that ensures imagery looks its best in each unique environment, while maximizing on-site efficiency and customer satisfaction and minimizing disruption. Planar Elite Installation and Commissioning also includes a return visit, 90 days after installation, to ensure everything is still running smoothly or address any additional needs customers may have.

With Planar Lifestyle Displays, viewing experiences in luxury living environments will never be the same.