WALL-SMART Flush Mounts Bring an Extra Touch of Elegance to Luxury in Smart Home Projects

WALL-SMART Flush Mounts Bring an Extra Touch of Elegance to Luxury in Smart Home Projects

If there’s one thing that rubs Harry Blanchard of Creative Systems USA the wrong way, it’s technology that looks as if it was “slapped” onto expensive wall materials. “It pains me to see homeowners spend a fortune on marble backsplashes or rare hardwood finishes only to see the surfaces marred by white electrical outlets and surface-mounted screens,” Blanchard says.
Specialty mounting hardware that enables these and other home tech products to be recessed flush with wall and ceiling surfaces certainly helps create a more pleasing aesthetic, but according to Blanchard, WALL-SMART’s solutions take this effective strategy a step further. “WALL-SMART’s attention to detail in the design, engineering, and fabrication of its mounts make touchscreens appear to be a natural part of the wall, not an accessory that was added later,” he offers as an example. “They become not just a technological addition, but a design element that complements or enhances the fine finishes of a home.” 

Luxury homes require a highly customized approach to the integration of technology—including the way in which the devices are installed. Creativity, craftsmanship, and an eye for design must be applied. It’s a philosophy that Creative Systems USA stands by and has built a successful business around. “WALL-SMART’s flush mounts for touchscreens help me convey to my customers that I care about the final product—not just how it operates but how it looks. We’ve been able to go the extra mile in terms of design for our customers by using WALL-SMART’s solution, and the stellar fit and finish that WALL-SMART mounts provide is the icing on the cake.”

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Smart home products come in all shapes and sizes. With wall mounts from WALL-SMART, many can look high-end, expertly integrated, and up the level of a project’s fit and finish. 

Walls are the home’s blank canvas—a place to hang art and a backdrop for furniture. They are also the best place to put smart home controls. Putting technology in walls eliminates the clutter of disparate handheld devices, expertly tucks away wires and power so you can’t see them, creates a place to store equipment when furniture isn’t an option, and serves as one convenient spot that residents can rely on to find the controls they need, every single time.

Smart home device manufacturers don’t always make wall mounts that allow you to integrate the device with a degree of expertise and exquisite fit and finish that is appropriate for a high-end installation or residence. That’s where WALL-SMART wall mounts come in. 

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WALL-SMART is the go-to resource for putting nearly anything in your wall and making it look good, from lighting controls to touchpanels to wireless access points to soundbars. In fact, many integrators turn to WALL-SMART to create bespoke solutions based on integrators’ requests. 

So how do you know which type of wall mount is right for your project? WALL-SMART makes it simple to find exactly what you need by offering several categories of mounts. The mounts within each category have been engineered to meet the specific installation requirements of certain types of wall surfaces and applications. 

New Build - New Construction Wall Mounts 

As the name suggests, WALL-SMART New Construction mounts are designed for a flush installation of a variety of smart home components within the drywall as a home is being constructed. The installation of the New Construction mounts is 

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straightforward, following standard drywall construction procedures. WALL-SMART’s line of New Construction Mounts is extensive, ranging from mounts for surveillance cameras and Wi-Fi access points to tablets and touchscreens. 

Whatever your unique application is, whether it’s retrofitting a historic home with touchscreen panels for smart-home control, outfitting a new construction with access points and voice assistants, or working with solid surfaces, WALL-SMART has you covered with the right solution for all your smart home devices. If they don’t have the wall mount for the particular device you are looking for, chances are, they can make it. 

Remodel - Retrofit Wall Mounts 

WALL-SMART created Retrofit Mounts in response to field requests from home technology professionals and partners for simple mounting solutions when adding technology to existing homes. Requiring no construction or paint work to install, WALL-SMART’S Retrofit Mounts are the perfect solution for quick upgrades from older devices and speedy installations due to project constraints. Unlike WALL-SMART’s Solid-Surface and New Construction Mounts, the Retrofit Mounts are finished with a painted bezel. 

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The bezels provided with WALL-SMART’s Retrofit mounts provide some wiggle room when updating old smart home devices with new models, like this switch from an outdated square-shaped touchscreen to a modern rectangular-shaped touchscreen.

Solid Surface Wall Mounts 

Solid Surface mounts were developed to recess a variety of home tech devices flush with the surfaces of solid materials such as wood, metal, glass, marble, granite, and more. Designed with depth calibration screws to adjust to different wall thicknesses of solid surfaces, they create a smooth, seamless transition between the surface and the wall-mounted device. 

The devices appear as natural parts of the surface wall, a more attractive look than those that have been mounted directly atop the surface. Take touchscreens. They are slim by design, though why not render them even less obtrusive by using a WALL-SMART mount to fuse them with the wall material? 

Frameless Mount

Blending technology into solid, thick, uneven wall surfaces of concrete, brick, plaster, masonry, and other rigid materials can be complicated. With its unique solution, WALL-SMART simplifies and beautifies the integration of smart home devices within these challenging materials. Its new patent-pending WALL-SMART Frameless Flush Mount enables a seamless fit between rugged walls and keypads, switches, touch panels, tablets, etc., without sacrificing architectural integrity. 

The revolutionary mount features a depth calibration mechanism for a flush appearance. Once the device is securely mounted, and the seams are covered with matching material, it looks like a natural part of the home without compromising its performance.

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