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IC Realtime - Security / Access Control

American based IC Realtime has met the HD video security system needs of police departments, banks, military bases, casinos, and businesses large and small all across the United States for almost 2 decades. 

CEO Matt Sailor has been in the video camera business since his early 20s. He knows about the digital video security business and its gear more than any other person in the country. Matt founded IC Realtime in 2006 when his CCTV industry experience made him realize the coming tidal wave of internet-based digital video. He knew the video security market needed high-quality, cutting edge gear, world-class dealer sales, and tech support to thrive. 

IC Realtime sets themselves apart by offering 10-Year Warranties, Lifetime Support, No Licensing Fees, Dealer Onboarding, and providing the best user experience in the industry. 


Product Highlights: 

The Designer Line
It's competitive out there for high-end Av integrators - but IC Realtime's newest "visual integration" capability offers a unique bid-winning strategy.
iSniper Plus Series
Welcome to a world of full-color night vision security cameras and onboard artificial intelligence.
Dash Dinger Video Doorbell
Dinger is a different type of video doorbell. Dash products do not raise privacy concerns. We do not harvest data or farm it out to big data companies.
The New NVR-FX - Built for AV
This Network Video Recorder has a brand-new user interface that simplifies the operation of the NVR recorder. This NVR recorder is 1U rack mount capable.
This commercial-grade 4K network video recorder supports IVS rules and intelligent motion detection (iMD) when used with IVS or iMD enabled IC Realtime cameras.
People Detection
Among the best business intelligence, perimeter protection, and facial recognition cameras we have ever made.
Vehicle Detection
A true time-saver. Ignoring squirrels running by or windblown trees but sending alarms only when human or vehicle intrusion is confirmed.
IC Realtime
Years in business: 15 years