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Savant - Speakers – Architectural & Invisible

Savant’s Artison speaker pedigree combines 50+ years of speaker engineering know-how from legendary designer Cary Christie with Savant’s innovative eco-system - the results are astounding. Warm, articulate, & detailed imaging define their ability to recreate the most demanding soundtracks with ease.  

Since its founding, Artison has delivered speaker solutions for the modern residence that satisfy the audiophile and interior designer alike. Artison architectural speakers and subwoofers adhere to stringent engineering standards delivering the performance characteristics Artison is known for. Zero edge grilles, advanced materials and a careful ear for detail makes Artison the only speaker worthy of the Savant name.  

Product Highlights: 

IP Audio Micro Aperture Speakers
Architectural Speakers feature an ultra-slim, magnetic micro-frame, for a low-profile design that blends seamlessly into any decor.
Architectural Audio In-Ceiling & In-Wall Subs
In-Wall Subwoofers deliver state-of-the-art technology that is designed to be heard and not seen.
Artison Sound Surface Speakers
Bending mode technology creates an even audio profile and clear high frequency; closed back design minimizes vibration and isolates sound into other spaces.
Years in business: 15 years
Offers CEU Credits
Courses offered:
  • Introduction to Smart Home Control & Automation
  • Next Generation Residential Lighting & Controls
  • WELLv2 Automated Shading & Circadian Lighting
  • USAI Lighting & Wellness
  • Each course above includes a 15 minute Virtual Tour of Savant’s Smart Home Experience Center and Energy & Lighting Lab
  • Contact [email protected] to register!