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Evan Rapp

Certification Analyst

Fascinated by technology from childhood, Evan Rapp actually joined the A/V and Tech industry while attempting life as a comedian.

This led to an AV career stretching over 30 years. Present at the birth of custom integration, Evan still marvels at the advances in technique and technology we have achieved within the industry. Since his beginnings in home audio, Evan has since worked with companies like Klipsch and Zigen as a manufacturer’s rep and in management, and in similar positions outside the business. He also founded and managed a successful IT integration company for several years, as well.

A highly experienced trainer and creative marketing enthusiast, Evan has long been actively involved in brand and product management, marketing and advertising, and international development. This includes industry training, curriculum, and event management, media operations and case study generation, business development, and dealer relationships. His passion for the people and energy in our business has been on display as a CEDIA committee volunteer, and he maintains lasting relationships with some of the industry’s finest architects, designers, and builders. In his role as Certification Analyst for the Home Technology Association, he is always excited to help distinguish the quality and greatness within the AV integration business.

Always a great fan of the stories that bind our trade together, he is also the host and producer of the Bricks & Ivy Radio podcast, which obsesses over the Chicago Cubs.