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Digital / New Media Art

Beautiful and mesmerizing artwork has taken on a new dimension with the emergence of digital art, also called New Media art. Bound only by the artist’s imagination, video displays and video projectors serve as a virtual canvas than can display anything from moving nature landscapes, morphing shapes and patterns, virtual worlds, and more. Homeowners, architects, and interior designers are embracing digital art to transform the black rectangle on the wall (a video display when powered off) into the most interesting conversation piece in the room! With early design coordination with an architect or interior designer, walls in the home can change on a whim with ‘virtual wallpaper’ digital art installations.

Solutions listed below include subscription-based media art streaming services and video display / video projection companies that make products ideal for displaying digital art.

To learn more about Digital / New Media Art and see video examples, see the article: "The Moving Canvas - 21st Century Digital Art Arrives in the Home"