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Architects, interior designers, and builders need to hire an HTA Certified technology designer for their project

Home Technology Association

The Home Technology Association exists to empower homeowners and the specification community with an independent method to evaluate the technical competence, customer service, and reputation of home technology professionals.

By providing rigorous standards, we seek to elevate the execution and enjoyment of technology and ultimately provide an objective method to match the right professional with the right project.

Benefits of Hiring an HTA Certified Installation Firm

The Home Technology Association's mission is to certify the best technology installation firms in the industry. Here are the benefits to you:

  • They Have Technical Qualifications - All firms are accomplished professionals with a proven history of technical competence
  • They Take Care of Their Clients - All firms have a history of excellent customer service
  • Reputations You Can Trust - All firms are vetted for stellar reputations and honest business dealings
  • Feel Safe - Companies perform background checks on all new employees
  • A Great Fit for Your Project - Use our extensive dealer profiles to find a firm that is skilled at your exact type of project
  • They Play Nice With Others - All firms must have endorsements from fellow design/build professionals