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AiSPiRE / WAC - Lighting

AiSPiRE / WAC - Lighting

Integrating the newest advances in LED technology with the latest cutting-edge features offered in controls, WAC Lighting is proud to launch AISPIRE, a new lighting brand which will elevate the human experience of light while connecting on a deeper level in the space. WAC is well known in the lighting industry for making the most innovative manufacturing and engineering advancements in recessed, track, landscape and tape lighting products and has received numerous awards for technology, innovation and durability. AISPIRE reveals comprehensive, groundbreaking low and line voltage lighting systems that offer human centric lighting, flexible tunability, controllability, dimmability, and installation ease while reducing the carbon footprint. Four types of lighting are available: Static White Light; Dim to Warm Lighting; Natural Tunable White; and Full Color Visible Spectrum Light. Fueled by a passion for creating and driving innovation, WAC strives to develop forward-thinking products that challenge convention and are built to last. Its recessed offerings are at the cutting edge of the market, pushing the limits of mechanical, electrical and optical engineering.

Full Color Visible Spectrum color tuning LEDs with color correcting technology offers human centric recessed downlighting in line voltage.
Natural Tunable White Fixtures that mimics the light of the Sun with a CCT range of 2700K to 6500K.
ASTRO Dim-to-Warm lighting recreates the incandescent dimming curve with no required programming.
RPS - Remote Power Supply
AISPIRE offers Low voltage Remote Power Supplies and a complete offering of low voltage luminaires available to outfit your entire home.
Gull Visual Spectrum Color Tuning and Natural Tunable White
DMX Linear Tape Lighting
DMX RGBWW and Tunable White Tape Lighing
Years in business: 40
Offers CEU Credits
Courses offered:
  • LED 201 - The SSL Revolution
  • LED 301 - Emerging Technology Used in Decorative LED Luminaires