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ASCENDO - Home Theater / High-Performance Audio / Whole House Music

ASCENDO was founded in 1999 by three music enthusiasts and matured into a technology company, focused on the development of DSP, audio networking technology and audio measurement systems.

This unique musical heritage and combination of traits led to the founding of ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO GmbH (AIA), dedicated to the development, design, and production of state-of-the-art home theater systems.

Decades of research into the sound perception of the human hearing lead to the conclusion that concentric speakers are ideal for immersive audio reproduction. High-performance professional point-source drive units are an absolute prerequisite for the time-coherent dynamic reproduction of audio signals. Combined with the most advanced digital electronics it creates an unmatched immersive cinematic experience with unlimited dynamics. In modern movies where LFE bass can extend down to 3Hz, the second most important speakers are woofers and subwoofers which reproduce tight infrasonic bass.

  • Musicality
  • Unrestrianed Dynamics
  • Time-Coherence
  • Perfect Amplitude Response

ASCENDO. Every theater seat is the money seat.

Product Highlights: 

LED Wall solution by ASCENDO
TheDIRECTOR is a revolutionary and patent-pending approach to LED Wall loudspeaker design. As a flush mount in-ceiling design, focus remains on the LED Wall.
For every seat in the theater, high and low speaker driver signals always reach the listener's ears at the same time.
5" - 15" Coaxial Options
A wide range of high-sensitivity, high-power options for all budgets and applications. Coaxial time-coherence advantages from the screen, surrounds and heights.
DSP/Active or Passive - Your Choice
Extensive DSP speaker management and world-class amplification either on-board each speaker, or via external rack-mount. Or, versions with passive crossovers.
Black Swan - The Ultimate Horn
At a crossover of 250Hz, Black Swan's horn delivers incredible musicality and intelligibility, time-coherent linear phase, as a high-performance point-source.
10" - 21" Subwoofers - Sealed or Ported
Engineered for the specific demands of home theater. ASCENDO's subwoofers dominate for performance, and also deliver great value.
Infrasonic Subwoofers
24" - 80" infrasonic subs augment other system subs and extend response down into the single digits. When all time and phase aligned, an incredible experience.
Recognizing that our speaker (and sub) dimensions may not always fit, ASCENDO is proud to offer customization. Just ask.
Science leads Marketing, not the opposite
Looking for EASE or spinorama data? We're happy to provide it. We understand the importance of actually delivering performance, not just claiming to.
Amplifiers / DSP
A range of amplifiers with/without DSP, your choice. High power, but also class leading for pro sound quality.
Years in business: 24