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Barco Residential - Video Displays

Barco Residential - Video Displays

From its early origins building high end radios and televisions, Barco became the world’s technology leader in ultra-high end professional visualization applications such as Digital Cinema, with over 54% of the world’s cinema screens equipped with Barco projectors.

Celebrating Barco's unique 85 years heritage, Barco Residential is a return to those origins bringing the very pinnacle of its imaging technologies to the high-end home, creating Architectural Digital Canvases that enable the most Immersive Entertainment and Cultural Experiences in Luxury Homes for Clients to share with Loved Ones.

Built on Barco’s unrivaled technology leadership, innovation & craftsmanship. Barco Residential products are custom designed and built in Barco’s European Design Centers, and represent the highest levels of image quality available in the world today.

Together with an exclusive network of partners delivering tailor made solutions, Barco Residential is set to irrevocably change the high-end home experience.

Bifrost 165" 4K LED
The Bifrost 165” Native 4K is the flagship TruePix LED design. A 0.9 pitch delivers breathtaking images, supporting the DCI color space and high dynamic range.
Bifrost 208" CS 5K LED
The Bifrost 208” Native 5K Cinemascope is the flagship TruePix LED design featuring a 0.9 pitch. It supports the DCI color space and high dynamic range.
Valkyrie 220" 4K LED
The Valkyrie 220” Native 4K TruePix LED is awe inspiring! A 1.2 pitch delivers breathtaking images, supporting the DCI color space with high dynamic range.
Valkyrie 285" CS LED
The Valkyrie 285” Native 5K Cinemascope TruePix LED is awe inspiring! A 1.2 pitch delivers breathtaking images, supporting DCI color & high dynamic range.
Aurora 275" 4K LED
The Aurora 275” Native 4K is the most massive 16x9 TruePix LED design. A 1.5 pitch delivers superb images, supporting DCI color with high dynamic range.
Our XT-Series LED features spectacular visual performance, unrivaled reliability and great operating flexibility with pixel pitches from 0.9 up to 2.5mm.
Our UniSee seamless LCD video wall platform offers image quality, ease-of-integration, serviceability and reliability.
TruePix Deep Dive
TruePix is Barco's latest LED technology. In this in-depth demo, Sander takes you through all the highlights from smart mounting to calibration and more!
Cineluxe Trendsetters: Tim Sinnaeve
In this Cineluxe interview, Barco Residential’s Tim Sinnaeve discusses the new tools the latest video tech provides artists, architects and interior designers.
Barco Residential
Years in business: 90