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CINEAK luxury seating - Home Theater & Media Room Furniture

CINEAK is a family-owned furniture design and manufacturing company located in Antwerp Belgium, with showrooms worldwide and Experience Centers/Offices in Manhattan, NY and Hollywood, CA.

CINEAK specializes in custom-made luxury entertainment seating products for the private cinema, media & living rooms, screening rooms and other entertainment environments. CINEAK also offers a selection of acoustically transparent designer fabrics. 

All of CINEAK’s products are hand-built in Belgium and include the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. CINEAK’s specialty lies in integrating motorized mechanisms and technology features into seating products.

CINEAK’s product portfolio includes many different designs and styles, all customizable to fit anyone’s needs.

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Product Highlights: 

Gramercy Entertainment Sofa
A sleek, contemporary multi-purpose seating solution with a significant dash of elegance.
LARGO entertainment sofa
A comfortable, design-driven and fully motorized entertainment sofa.
Modern design -- Hidden Functionality.
A unique approach in applying diamond stitching patterns, while maintaining style and comfort.
Aesthetic design combined with comfort, luxury and craftsmanship.
Redefining custom theater seating with aesthetic elegance.
Comfort, flexibility, design and much more.
LOCADO is a unique rotating club chair on a swivel with full motorization!
Exceptional in its simplicity.
CINEAK luxury seating
Years in business: 24