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CinemaTech - Home Theater & Media Room Furniture

Essential To The Finest Home Theaters
Since its founding in 1998, CinemaTech has created products that are essential to the finest home cinemas. Having built over 10,000 seats and designed over 1,000 theaters, CinemaTech has had the privilege of working with the finest estates in the world. Starting with the legendary, award-winning, Valentino, CinemaTech has become the gold standard for luxury seating, acoustical treatment and design expertise for home theaters.

We truly believe beauty comes from the inside out. All of our materials, from the seamless motor, to the premium dense foam and stitching are key to its beauty. Each CinemaTech product exhibits our passion for superior quality, craftsmanship and dedication to a premium cinema experience.

Product Highlights: 

Valentino Incliner Seat
LeGrande Motorized Incliner
Sevilla Motorized Incliner
Estrella Motorized Sofa
Years in business: 24
Offers CEU Credits
Courses offered:
  • An Understanding of Acoustical Treatments, Sound Isolation and Designing a Home Theater