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CinemaTech - Theater Interiors & Acoustics

CinemaTech - Theater Interiors & Acoustics

Essential To The Finest Home Theaters
Since its founding in 1998, CinemaTech has created products that are essential to the finest home cinemas. Having built over 10,000 seats and designed over 1,000 theaters, CinemaTech has had the privilege of working with the finest estates in the world. Starting with the legendary, award-winning, Valentino, CinemaTech has become the gold standard for luxury seating, acoustical treatment and design expertise for home theaters. 

Most of the projects that we are partnering on start with our Design Services Program which allows for the client to see their room come to life through CAD drawings and 3D renderings and then if they like what they see, the design fee is credited in full towards their project with a minimum seating or acoustical treatment purchase.  CinemaTech’s Design Team can take design direction from images found on other websites, their own theater gallery, hand drawn sketches or whatever medium is used to communicate the design the client is looking for.  Just because CinemaTech hasn’t designed it yet doesn’t mean it’s not possible, it just means that it hasn’t been done before.

In addition to our design services, CinemaTech has an acoustical treatment solution called ARS that was developed by Owens Corning who spent millions of dollars developing it and we have been the sole distributor of the system in the world since 2005.  Most of the sound heard in a home theater is reflected from surfaces before it reaches the ears.  Precise tuning ensures rich and inviting sounds are experienced throughout the theater and thrill even the most discerning audiophiles and movie enthusiast alike.

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