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Nexus 21, Inc - Motorized Lifts & Concealment

Nexus 21 is the leader in reliable, ultra-quiet, motorized solutions that put technology in motion. From television pop-up and ceiling lifts, and projector and storage concealment mechanisms to motorized wall mounts, we break down the barriers of conventional design and room orientation with covert integrations for any space. Our products have been chosen by integrators, architects, designers, and hotel groups for use in thousands of projects, in over 75 countries worldwide. It’s time for you to experience incredible service and support from a lift company.

Product Highlights: 

CL-65+ Flip-Down TV Lift
One of four Nexus 21 ceiling solutions; reveal up to a 65″ TV from the ceiling with this versatile lift that only requires 7-5/8″ of attic space to install.
CL-65e Flip-Down + Extend TV Lift
All the great features of the CL-65+ with the added benefit of 24" additional extension. Perfect for high ceilings and a more flexible viewing experience.
XL-85 Pop-Up TV Lift
Model XL-85 is designed for maximum extension, raising up to 86” screens from beneath the floor. This lift travels up to 65” smoothly and quietly.
L-75i+ Drop-Down TV Lift
The L-75i+ transforms any room into the ultimate home theater. Lower up to a 75″ TV from the ceiling, smoothly and quietly, with the press of a button.
L-75ix Drop-Down + Motorized Swivel TV Lift
Where TV viewing is desired in different spaces, lower up to 75″ TVs from the ceiling and turn to the optimal viewing position with 360-degree motorized swivel.
Apex Motorized TV Wall Mount
Accommodating up to 80" TVs, this award-winning extend & swivel mount erases the challenges of past motorized wall mounts, making it an installer's dream.
AL-250 Pop-Up Storage Lift
Our storage-lift series allows you to reveal stored items with the push of a button; this model holds up to 250 lbs.
Model E-550 Residential Projector Drop-Down
Model E-550 reveals a projector from the ceiling in seconds, transforming an everyday living space into the ultimate home theater.
L-50s Pop-Up + Swivel TV Lift
One of our most popular pop-up TV lifts; this series accommodates an array of TV sizes, with uses in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, backyards and more.
L-65 Pop-Up TV Lift
Model L-65 combines flawless reliability with precision engineering for the perfect entertainment experience. Easily lift up to 65″ TVs swiftly and quietly.
Home-Improvement Projects to Inspire Your Future Plans
Transcend the constraints of ordinary home design with motorized solutions that are simple to install and make life more convenient.
Available Now: CL-65e Flip-Down + Extend TV Lift
CL-65e can be installed in the ceiling framing or bolted directly to the ceiling surface, for simple integration in any space and accommodates up to 65″ TVs.
Nexus 21 Concept Piece: Outrider BBQ Island
There are endless possibilities in (and out) of the home with Nexus 21 products. The Outrider BBQ Island is just one example.
L-85 Series of Pop-Up & Swivel TV Lifts
Now swivel up to 86" screens with the L-85 series of pop-up TV lifts for the perfect entertainment experience in an array of settings.
Apex: Re-Inventing the Motorized TV Wall Mount
Check out the features that make Apex the motorized mount that's changing the game.
The Eclipse Series: The Next Generation of Projector Drop-Downs
See why the Eclipse Series is projector concealment, reimagined.
Nexus 21, Inc
Years in business: 17