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PMI Ltd. - High-Performance Cinema Engineering & Acoustic Design

PMI Ltd. - High-Performance Cinema Engineering & Acoustic Design

With 1000 projects and dozens of CEDIA awards under our belt, we have figured out a thing or two about how to engineer and design high quality home cinemas. Our disciplines cover acoustics, optics, speakers, displays, sound isolation, noise control, documentation, construction management, and AV calibration. Don't try this on your own; get help from people with pedigree and experience!

B-Screening Room
G-Media Lounge
Games Room
B Media Room
Media 2
Grimani Systems - The New Screen Savers Excerpt
Grimani Systems - Excerpt from November 7, 2015 of "The New Screen Savers" by the TWiT Network
0:08 / 2:03 Grimani Systems - Home Theater Geeks Review
October 29, 2015 Home Theater Geeks Review of Grimani Systems Beta Speakers from CEDIA
CI Testimonial
Mark Ontiveros with Audio Images talks about working with PMI Engineering, and using foremost experts to deliver highest value for clients.
CI Room
PMI engineered the Audio Images showroom in southern California. The center speaker is placed behind the acoustically transparent screen and mounted vertically, in an infinite baffle.
12 Seats
The original room was not properly engineered so performance results were sub-standard. PMI was brought in to rebuild the environment. All speakers are now concealed, center speaker behind an acoustically transparent screen; acoustically transparent stretch fabric hides loudspeakers, acoustical treatments. Projector is in its own enclosure to keep it quiet, port glass is neutral so picture goes through, all concealed so you don't see it, you don't hear it.
Convertible Room - Testimonial
Five years later, homeowner talks about how much his family still loves this room and how many different ways they use the space.
PMI Ltd.
Years in business: 25