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PrepTECH - Dealer Support Services

PrepTECH - Dealer Support Services

Having difficulty finding new tech talent you can develop and mold into your company’s way of doing things? PrepTECH puts high potential candidates with confirmed basic training in front of you. 

PrepTECH reaches thousands of potential candidates by reaching job boards, schools, military and career counselors through its marketing campaigns. After applying, and passing a screening interview, applicants take evaluation testing; logic, motivation, and personality tests, that compares wannabees against profiles of proven technicians’ currently working in the industry.

High potential candidates are identified, prepared, and connected with employers in need.

To get access to candidates who graduated the 60-hour baseline foundations training, simply keep a $1,000/year subscription active. When a PrepTECH graduate is hired, the dealer receives $500 refund for each of the first two hires, against the hiring fee of $2,000 (1/3 of normal placement rates) for the first two hires.

If you are committed to building a long-term work force in your CI business, PrepTECH is a great partner for you. PrepTECH FINDS, VETS, PREPARES, and PLACES new entry-level technicians.

PrepTECH tests and screens
PrepTECH tests and screens applicants for success in the CI industry
Tailor Fits to your Company
PrepTECH 90-day onboarding sequence can be tailored to fit your company
CI Integrators can hire as many people from PrepTECH as needed
Vetted Candidates
All PrepTECH candidates must pass all micro-credentialing
Focus on Hiring
PrepTECH strikes the relationships so you can focus on hiring
Learning from Thought Leaders
Prominent thought leaders provide scholarships to candidates
PrepTECH Explained
Check out PrepTECH co-founder, Paul Starkey, sharing the compelling story behind PrepTECH.
Years in business: 2