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ProjX360 - Dealer Support Services

ProjX360 - Dealer Support Services

ProjX360 is the Custom Integration Industries end-to-end SaaS management solution.  We can manage your projects from the sales process and managing your sales pipeline to creating professional detailed proposals with our proposal tool then once the proposal is approved managing the entire project with work orders, scheduling, time tracking, and many other tools all the way through the completion of the project. Once the project is completed you can manage your service calls with our service work orders and service scheduling. If a product needs to go in for repair you can create service repair tickets and set notifications that if a product isn’t back from the manufacture in a certain time frame you will get a notification to follow up. ProjX360 also has a complete inventory management system that was designed specifically for the Custom Integration Industry allowing you to allocate and deallocate products to specific projects. We have an App for both iOS and Android with offline time tracking and push notifications for your technicians. Our mobile friendly interface allows all your employees easy access to our cloud-based software from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

ProjX360 Sales CRM Dashboard
This is our Sales CRM Dashboard so you can see what is in your pipeline and what you have won and lost.
ProjX360 Proposal Builder
Here is where you can create your proposals for your clients. You can clone proposals and products and add accessories to products. You can also build packages
ProjX360 Project Dashboard
This is our Project Dashboard where you can see all your current Projects and the different phases and statuses they are in.
ProjX30 Project Details Page
This is the dashboard for a specific project. This is where all the information for that project lives. You can also upload any documentation for this project.
Work Orders
In our work orders you can add tasks for the technicians many different ways from proposals, custom checklists, type in what needs to be done, and warehouses.
Our scheduling has drag and drop functionality. You can see all your unscheduled production and service work orders off to the left so they don't get missed.
Time Tracking
Track time for your projects to make sure your projects are coming in on budget. You can track time of what was bid vs actual.
Inventory Management
With our Inventory Management you can create as many warehouses as you wish. When you go into a warehouse a live dashboard is created to show you the status.
ProjX360 Demonstration
This is a full demonstration of the software and the workflow of the software from the sales process creating proposals project management and inventory.
Years in business: 8
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