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Selective Design | Architettura Sonora - Outdoor Entertainment

A portfolio that stands apart, for discerning clients. Our mission at Selective Design is to offer products that perform at the top of their categories, and feature design differentiation from the pack of uninspired, “me too” alternatives.
With 70 years experience in the pro speaker industry, Architettura Sonora is a range of high performance speakers that will suit any need - indoors, outdoors, in your residence, or in your business. Designed and handcrafted in Florence, Italy with stunning high-end material options, gorgeous sculptures meet professional performance to deliver statements in both beauty and sound. Like designer furniture, AS products are custom, handcrafted to order.

Product Highlights: 

Floorstanding Speakers
A wide range of shapes and finishes for floor/ground placement. Sphere 360 featuring the Nero (Black) Marquina Marble material option.
Icarus Family
The Icarus range delivers crystal-clear sound produced by the two adjustable 3.5” satellites, supported by deep uncompressed bass, even at high output levels.
Hanging Speakers
Residential or Commercial applications, either omnidirectional sound, or specifically engineered listening coverage, as desired.
Multifunctional Speakers
Apollo is an indoor/outdoor bioethanol fireplace, an omnidirectional sound that creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.
Clean lines and elegance distinguishes the Pergola collection, available in both Line-array and Point-source versions, either suspended or floor-standing.
Art & Music Nearby
Architettura Sonora products are pieces of art - sculpture. They are therefore nearby, to be appreciated, and the music can be enjoyed at lower volume.
Commercial Applications
A range of satellite-suspended loudspeakers, distinguished by a controlled directional sound emission, perfect for restaurant and club rooftops, etc.
Made in Tuscany
Highlighting the unique design and craftsmanship of this beautiful line.
Sound Matters
A brief tour of some of the shapes and materials available.
The Perfection of Simplicity
A history and guide through Architettura Sonora.
From Landscape to Landscape
From quarry to outdoor entertainment.
Selective Design | Architettura Sonora
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