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Selective Design | Officina Acustica (OA) - Theater Interiors & Acoustics

Officina Acustica (OA) stands alone in the acoustic design and engineering space - we combine Italian design with decades of acoustic experience.

Too often the alternative approaches are either:

  • Design: Panels covered in a choice of fabric colors but delivering inadequate acoustic control, leaving the room sounding over-damped and uncomfortable to be in.
  • Acoustic Engineering: Properly engineered, but often very complex installations involving multiple contractors and logistics hurdles, and designs that start to¬†look the same from client to's not what they do.

Welcome to OA:

  1. The professional acoustic control is embedded within our proprietary panels, each with a huge range of design options. You think design, we handle the sound.
  2. Our Italian designs set themselves apart. Clients often want to own them just to hang out in. It's about acoustic balance...livability...not an airport, not a coffin.
  3. Installation is predictable, efficient.
  4. Custom furniture to match...designers, let's collaborate on your vision for a stunning room.
Product Highlights: 

Acoustic Interior Design
OA builds interiors for high-performance AV spaces and offers a range of options that can accommodate entry-level budgets through bespoke private cinemas.
Design Sample
A touch of exclusivity, and luxury, for your entertainment space.
Decorative Niches
Decorative niches are optional, and can feature lighting control to accent the interior and display objects of art.
LED Light Strips
Light strips are optional throughout the room, highlighting steps/risers, and either Blue or RGB.
Custom Furniture
Working with Italian furniture craftsmen, OA can provide anything from loveseats and couches to motorized theater seating, cohesive with the interior design.
Selective Design | Officina Acustica (OA)
Years in business: 26