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Stealth Acoustics - Outdoor Entertainment

Stealth launched the first motorized Stealth Patio Theater (SPT) system in 2015. This self-contained, daylight-viewable outdoor TV system leverages the latest in LED technology allowing it to overcome many of the problems homeowners and integrators face when replicating a theater-like experience outdoors.

With models from 103” to over 300” diagonal, SPT displays are stunning, even in broad daylight - where traditional weatherized TVs and delicate projectors with screens fall short. State-of-the-art direct-fire LED technology makes the SPT screen bright and vibrant, offering stunning color and HD resolution at proper viewing distances. Add a weatherized enclosure with built in surround sound system and the SPT is at home in yard, pool and marine environments.

This unique, self-contained outdoor home theater surround sound entertainment system is available in three formats: SPT Extreme, with a vertical lift style system that allows for recessing the TV below grade for a pop-up experience; SPT Transformer, a fold-out deck-top version great for luxury marine applications and the SPT Megalith, a free-standing or wall mountable fixed installation version.

Product Highlights: 

SPT Retracting Outdoor TV
The SPT Extreme LED TV with a vertical lift system allows for recessing the TV cabinet below grade to create a pop-up experience.
SPT Folding Outdoor TV
SPT Transformer LED TVs feature a compact fold-out design and built in audio great for luxury marine and deck-top applications.
SPT Massive Outdoor TV
The SPT Megalith is a fixed LED TV screen that can a free-standing or wall mounted installation allowing sizes of 273 inches and beyond.
Invisible Under Eaves Speakers
StingRay Soffit Speakers are designed for installation under the eaves of a home to add high quality outdoor audio without visual disruption or rusty grilles.
StingRay Outdoor Speakers
StingRay Outdoor Speakers are IP68 rated, at home in nearly any outdoor environment, have no grills to rust, and are customizable with paint or vinyl artwork.
Introduction to Stealth Patio Theater Systems
Stealth Acoustics showcases the SPT lineup at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020, Amsterdam.
Introduction to StingRay Speakers
Stealth Acoustics Showcases the new StingRay 83, IP68 rated outdoor speakers at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020 in Amsterdam.
Stealth Acoustics
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