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SurgeX - Surge Protection / Clean Power

SurgeX - Surge Protection / Clean Power

Every piece of equipment that you spec into a design or include in an installation says something about your company. The reliability of each one of those pieces and its ability to do its job adds to or detracts from your reputation.

Throughout its history, SurgeX has been a power quality innovator that provides a solid AC power foundation to ensure that electronic equipment is being supplied with clean electricity to perform properly with minimal service burden. Our patented Advanced Series Mode® technology eliminates surge energy up to 6,000V, without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common mode disturbances and is unrivaled in the industry.

What’s in it for you? Simply, peace of mind. SurgeX combines true surge elimination, EMI/RFI filtration and unsurpassed analytical software to help businesses control the unstable nature of the power grid. When SurgeX products are part of your design, equipment error-codes, lockups, reboots, downtime and service calls are drastically reduced.

Protected by SurgeX means you never have to worry about whether your AV installation will fail or if the reputation of your business is at risk.


Axess Elite
The Axess Elite provides IP addressable two-way communication, manages system energy usage, can sequence individual outlets, monitors power usage at the system.
The enVision's analytical software monitors, identifies, analyzes, and offers solutions to resolve power issues that can cause equipment malfunction.
A new category for power quality that packs tremendous options in a compact design to offer completely contained, boxed network control and AC/DC protection.
UPS Online Standalone
SurgeX online double conversion standalone UPS battery backup solutions deliver clean continuous power, via online double conversion technology.
UPS + Protection
The SurgeX UPS-1000-Li-2 is the only choice for battery backup plus true surge protection and power conditioning.
UPS + Isolation Transformer
This line interactive UPS contains a low impedance isolation transformer that constantly filters and conditions the power supply.
UPS Large Format Three-Phase
SurgeX three-phase UPS backup power solutions are the ideal choice for any environment where high performance is needed for critical load applications.
UPS Large Format Single-Phase
SurgeX Large Format Single Phase UPSs guarantee a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for powering mission critical equipment.
Standalone Power Protection
The SurgeX Standalone power surge protector and conditioner devices safeguard mission-critical equipment in environments outside of a rack.
Remote Turn-On Capabilities
The SX-1115-RT and SX-1120-RT rack mount products offer comprehensive power protection and the ability to turn equipment on or off remotely.
When space is at a premium, the SurgeX FlatPak is the perfect wall mount surge protector for TVs, projectors, flat panels, and digital displays.
Branch Circuit
SurgeX Branch Circuits provide guaranteed whole room surge protection and conditioning for audio, video, and mission critical equipment at the service panel.
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