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Trinnov Audio - Home Theater  / High-Performance Audio / Whole House Music

Trinnov Audio - Home Theater / High-Performance Audio / Whole House Music

Before launching Trinnov Audio in 2003, our founders began basic research into high spatial resolution audio, well before today’s immersive audio formats were conceived. No other manufacturer approaches our experience in the research and implementation of immersive audio.

With over 7000 installations in 55 countries, Trinnov is uniquely involved throughout the audio production chain: Trinnov is found in the most advanced professional music and film studios; thousands of commercial cinemas; and the finest residential home theater systems. 50 international patents cover Trinnov’s five main inventions. Unique technologies include our four-element 3D calibration microphone and our loudspeaker/room Optimizer, recognized as best-in-class in the pro, cinema and home audio worlds.

Our unique hardware platform includes a multi-core Intel processor and our Trinnov OS operating system. Superior onboard computing power enables us to be first to market with new technologies and to challenge obsolescence by delivering future upgrades through software downloads. Our remote network access ability enables us to provide full off-site assistance to all Trinnov customers.

Trinnov Altitude48EXT
Expands the AL32 capability to 48 channels and 64 outputs. When a home theater requires more than 32 channels, the Altitude48EXT is simply the only solution.
Trinnov Altitude32
Peerless in performance, configurability and sound quality, the Altitude32 remains the unchallenged reference processor for Immersive home theater systems.
Trinnov Altitude16
The Altitude16 makes Trinnov’s best-in-class performance accessible to a wider audience whose immersive audio system requirements will not exceed 16 channels.
Trinnov Amplitude8
Essentially two four-channel amplifiers on a single chassis, the AMP8 is gain-matched to the Altitude for maximum signal-to-noise, dynamic range and bass impact
Trinnov Amplitude8m
8 channels of intelligent power and pristine audio quality at a more affordable price point without any compromise in terms of design and build quality.
Trinnov partner Consexto's incredible home cinema.
Our Portugal partner Consexto created this extraordinary James Bond-themed Altitude32-based cinema. Impeccable design and craftsmanship meet spectacular sonics.
Trinnov's Dolby Atmos Object Viewer
The Trinnov Altitude is the only processor that enables users to view the location and movement of Atmos sound objects, and does so in real time.
Trinnov Audio Partner Interview: DTS
Trinnov speaks with key members of the DTS engineering team about their experience working with Trinnov and the Altitude during the development of DTS:X.
Trinnov Audio Pro User: Hank Linderman
This veteran music producer and engineer (The Eagles, Chicago, Diana Krall, America) speaks about his Trinnov ST2 Pro processor, a critical part of his studio.
Trinnov Audio
Years in business: 21