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TRUFIG - Architectural Finishes

TRUFIG - Architectural Finishes

Design Without Compromise.
Traditionally, technology devices are bulky and visually obtrusive, distracting from the overall design vision. At TRUFIG, we believe that a trimless and flush aesthetic will allow your design to be the focus without compromising the flow and integrity of the space. TRUFIG delivers precision alignment and a consistent design across a variety of devices from different manufacturers.

TRUFIG for Receptacles
TRUFIG Mounting Platforms and Fascias deliver a flush finish that can be customized to match your design, blending receptacles seemlessly into the room.
TRUFIG for Surface Mounted iPad Control
TRUFIG allows for most on-wall control panels to be installed into the wall with a completely flush finish. (IPORT Surface Mount shown)
TRUFIG for Voice Control
TRUFIG transforms voice control devices so they virtually disappear into the wall with a flush finish that can be customize to match the wall surface around it.
Years in business: 15
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