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HTA Certified - Luxury

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Years in business: 
28 years
Sound Decision is additionally an HTA Design Partner; a design-minded firm that proactively consults with architects, interior designers, and builders to design technology systems into their plans in the most seamless, aesthetically pleasing way possible. Read more about this designation here.
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Mission statement: 

This is a dynamic industry that continually evolves. Knowing how to balance the new with maintaining a strict palette of resources that consistently work well allows us to deliver reliable solutions that are user friendly but also flexible. We want our clients to feel they can reach out to us with any question, but also empower them to make their own changes in lifestyle settings that prevent them from feeling tethered to us. It's a great balance and solves many pain points I have taken in about other previous firms clients have worked with and expressed frustration.

Company description: 

In 1990, I was working for a boutique Audio Video chain store which was my first intro to the industry. When RSL closed , I had a brief stint with various AV companies, and quickly started my own company, Vox Com, bringing in a lead tech from one of these companies. I found what my passion was, and continued building clientele. In 2006 , I changed the name to Sound Decision. In 2010, we moved to the Beverly Blvd location near Crescent Heights from our showroom on Ventura Blvd. As early as 2000 we were also building up our commercial side, with our second hospitality project at the Mandalay Bay Hotel when they were finishing construction. It was a restaurant called the Border Grill. They are still a client. We have been deep in integration. I have personally been programming Crestron for over 20 years. Our knowledge in both Residential, Commercial and Hospitality has greatly helped modify how we create interfaces to allow users we may not even meet to easily operate our systems.

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Number of full-time employees in the entire company
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24-hour phone support
Offers remote system monitoring & support
Project Size Information

This chart shows the price range of “whole home technology system” projects where the dealer has installed multiple technology systems (prewire, audio/video, network, smart home, etc.) in multiple rooms of the home. The chart reflects a time period of 36 months. The numbers include any private home theaters and media rooms that were part of the project. The pricing excludes lighting controls, motorized shading/drapery systems, and sales tax. The number in parenthesis are the amount of projects completed in each price range category.

Typical whole home system project size: 
$25,000 min
$170,000 max
$120,000 typical
$25,000 min
$70,000 max
$40,000 typical
Home Size & Value Information
2,500sqft min
30,000sqft max
7,000sqft typical
$3,500,000 min
$35,000,000 max
$7,000,000 typical
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Services Offered
Home Theater Systems
Audio Video Systems
Smart home / Home Automation
Home Monitoring
IT Networks
Security Cameras
Access Control
Lighting Control Systems
Motorized Shading
Engineering / As-Built Drawings
Control System Programming
Commercial AV & Control Systems
Alarm Systems
ISF Calibration
Acoustic Treatments
3rd party: 
Office space
Rack building/testing area
Offers design, engineering & as-built documentation?
Offers enterprise-grade networks?
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Crestron » Certified Crestron Programmer
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Liability insurance: 
Other licenses held: 
Electronics warranty: 
Installation warranty: 
5 years
3rd party extended warranty polices offered on electronic components or systems: