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Connected Design article - Certified for Success - Fall 2018

Connected Design article - Certified for Success - Fall 2018

Connected Design article Fall, 2018 - An article in Connected Design magazine on what the Home Technology Association is doing to build bridges with the architects, interior designers, and general contractors.

Acknowledging that these trade partners are often cynical towards the Home Technology Professional industry, the article explains how the HTA certification standard gives these professionals the needed confidence that there are vetted high-quality installation firms qualified to give their clients excellent technology experiences. Architects, designers, and builders agree that a professional standard of excellence has been needed for the custom installation industry for many years, and they respect what HTA Certification is.

The article also discusses how the HTA's technology budget calculator has become a very popular tool for architects, builders, and interior designers. It is helping bring the subject of a home's technology needs much earlier in the home's design process, which is vitally important to ensure the home's technology systems are not compromised due to lack of planning. Read the article online by clicking this link, or click the button below to open a PDF of the article. You may get a free subscription to Connected Design magazine by clicking this link.

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