Project Technology Assessment - For Builders

Your clients' technology needs should be determined early, before you get framing, electrical, and HVAC bids. A qualified technology integrator will be able to provide electrical, cooling & framing requirements that these trades need to accurately bid the project. This in turn results in less change orders and project delays.

  1. Download the Project Technology Assessment form by clicking the images below. It is a fillable PDF form that you can send to your clients or print out. 
  2. Next, call your local HTA Certified technology integrator to consult with your client and have a technology design created (use the HTA Certified integrator finder here).

Note: a version of this form for architects & interior designers is at this link

For detailed reasons why build pros should get the project's technology needs determined early, read the following linked article: "5 Tips for Implementing Home Technology Systems - Without the Pain!"

Version without link to Budget Calculator

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