Winning with Wi-Fi 6 and Access Networks

Winning with Wi-Fi 6 and Access Networks

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Wi-Fi 6 is your opportunity to help clients work, play & learn more efficiently at home by upgrading to an enterprise-grade, Wi-Fi 6 compliant home network.

Wi-Fi 6 is a significant update to Wi-Fi, with improvements that your clients need to work, learn, and play more efficiently at home. You can help them do just that and generate more revenue for your firm in the process by upgrading clients to a Wi-Fi 6–capable enterprise-grade network. This opportunity is underscored by the 'new norm' as homeowners max out their networks with WFH activities, kids streaming movies and playing games all summer, and schools beginning to announce that they’ll be partially virtual this fall. Access Networks is here to be your partner in Wi-Fi 6, with the support and products you need to succeed.  

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First, let’s chat about what your clients need to know about the technology in order to ‘buy-in’. Wi-Fi 6 is faster than current Wi-Fi with multi-Gig capability; making speed a concern of the past. What's more noteworthy is how well Wi-Fi 6 handles the bandwidth requirements of multiple devices on the network at the same time. Wi-Fi 6 was developed specifically to enable the network to function at full capacity even when numerous Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices are connected. Smartphone, laptop computer, media streamer, surveillance camera, doorbell—it all takes a toll on the wireless home network. Wi-Fi 6 eliminates connectivity issues by dynamically enabling each device to only use as much bandwidth as needed at any given time, avoiding network constriction.

Wi-Fi 6 also extends battery life in mobile devices and includes built-in functionality to avoid interference from other nearby Wi-Fi networks. This capability is particularly useful for families that live in apartments and condominiums where the proximity of many individual Wi-Fi networks impedes performance.


√ Higher data rates

√ Increased capacity

√ Performance in environments with many connected devices

√ Improved power efficiency 

Delivering Wi-Fi 6

A fully functional Wi-Fi 6 network requires the addition of several core components: high-speed internet service, a faster router, updated network switches for non-Wi-Fi equipment, and Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points. Interoperability between legacy and new devices means that your client’s transition to Wi-Fi 6 can be gradual, which allows them to start small and upgrade over time if they are hesitant to do everything at once.

Start by upgrading your client’s wireless access points in the most popular areas of the home, like the kitchen and family room, then add more Wi-Fi 6 access points and devices later on. With the right networking solutions in place for the future, Wi-Fi 6 light switches, surveillance cameras, door locks, AV equipment, and handheld devices will present more opportunities for upgrades as new versions of these devices become available.

Access Networks A750: The First Wi-Fi 6 Access Point Tailored to the Residential Market

The new Access Networks A750 is the first Wi-Fi 6 access point certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance that’s designed for the residential market and is available to integrators and their customers today. The A750 can manage up to 1,024 client connections with increased capacity and improved coverage. This capability is particularly useful for ultra-dense environments where the proximity of many individual Wi-Fi networks affects performance. The A750 connects more devices simultaneously with 8 built-in spatial streams (4X4:4 in GHz and 2.4GHz), MU-MIMO, OFDMA technology, and provides over 4,000 unique antenna patterns. Because it can communicate with legacy Wi-Fi devices, it enables a gradual Wi-Fi upgrade as mentioned above.

Access Networks_A750 Access Point

Tips for Selling Wi-Fi 6 to Clients

The benefits of Wi-Fi 6 should enable an easy sell to your clients, not to mention the sheer fact that most clients who invest in a smart home will want to stay up to date with the latest technology. Wi-Fi 6 also presents an opportunity to reach out to old clients to upgrade their networks, manifesting other upgrade opportunities! Here are a few tips:

    • Make Enterprise-Grade Network Systems Non-Negotiable on New Projects: One HTA Certified integrator, Otto Benson of Modern Home Systems in La Jolla, California, says an enterprise-grade network is non-negotiable and a baseline for all smart home systems. “We don't settle for anything less—doing so would be a huge disservice to our clients,” he says.
    • Speak to a Homeowner’s Pain Points: Still finding it to be a tough sell? Otto recommends speaking to a client's pain points—constant buffering while streaming, finicky Internet connections, slow-loading pages when working from home—and explaining how a good network can eliminate them.
    • Speak to Network Gear Performance, Not ISPs: “Performance does, in fact, hinge on the quality of the equipment inside the home; not the speed coming from outside,” says Otto. “The best components utilize Wi-Fi 6 technology, so it’s what we recommend to all of our clients—both new and existing. It's also the reason we sell exclusively networking solutions from Access Networks. We can install the Access Networks A750 Wi-Fi 6 WAP into any home with no concern about dealing with problems later.”
    • Speak From a Place of Helpfulness: Marketing during Covid-19 is not easy, but ultimately you are helping your clients! Messages that help homeowners thrive in the new normal resonate. By upgrading your client’s home network, you are truly helping them function better, eliminating the awkwardness of trying to “sell,” during a pandemic. Modern Home Systems used remote service and support with an hourly labor rate to help clients install their upgraded systems and made additional revenue for several network upgrades.

Do some promotion about the need for a Wi-Fi 6 capable network in the new normal, and sit back and watch the opportunities to upgrade new and past clients roll in. Access Networks delivers the support you need, including one-sheets on Wi-Fi 6 and other collateral that you can brand with your own logo to help with marketing efforts.

Help your clients during this stressful time with an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6 compliant network, and you not only give them peace of mind they’ll thank you for, but help your business thrive.

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This article was written by HTA Resource Access Networks. Access Networks is the premier enterprise-grade networking solutions provider for the modern home. The company designs and maintains sophisticated network solutions based on a simple premise: keeping you connected.