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The new James Loudspeaker 853 is Great for Big Sound - Small Footprint

The new James Loudspeaker 853 is Great for Big Sound - Small Footprint

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James Loudspeaker has always sought to push the envelope when it comes to better audio solutions through innovation, and nothing reflects that commitment like our Small Aperture® (SA) Series. These barely visible ultra-high-performance architectural speakers have been designed to disappear into beautiful spaces to enhance the overall experience.

Historically, achieving impressive volume and high performance meant large and typically bulky speakers. In 2010, James Loudspeaker challenged that assumption with the Small Aperture Series, providing full-range sound, equivalent to a high-performance bookshelf speaker out of an opening as small as 3”.

However, for those that desired more, and wanted to replicate that concert or club experience at home, the only option was large free-standing tower speakers. Until now...

JamesLoudspeaker_SA_853SA-9-BA_Front_DSC05422The idea behind the James Loudspeaker 853 came directly from an HTA Certified integrator trying to solve a problem on their project. Working alongside the team at James Loudspeaker allowed the dealer to give insight and perspective throughout the creation of the 853, a speaker which pushes the boundaries of what we once thought possible. James Loudspeaker itself has a strong heritage of innovation in designing unique, often completely custom audio to solve a problem. But, we recognize that it’s our authentic partnerships which allow us to be informed on trends in the field. Collaboration with HTA dealers like you is a vital part of our ability to create speakers that satisfy specific needs being seen on the ground.

The result of the joint effort to create an ultra-high-output, small opening speaker which is called the 853. It is the highest performing architectural speaker in the industry. Designed to wow even the most particular audiophile clients, it features a unique bi-amplified design, and an integrated 8” subwoofer in each cabinet. The 853 from James Loudspeaker outperforms all expectations, giving you rich, full sound with deep impactful bass, delivering concert-level sound out of just a 7” opening.

Because of its unique high output design, the 853 performs at its best in large rooms, or spaces with high ceilings. For spaces that won’t allow for multiple speakers and separate subwoofers, the 853 can give you the best possible performance for any compact full-range speaker.

In addition to the unbelievable sound quality, the 853 also delivers on aesthetics. The James Loudspeaker brand comes with a level of customization that is unparalleled. From bezel-less grills to hydro-dipped finishes to grilles carved into the wall or ceiling, the word “no” is not in their vocabulary. This allows for these incredible speakers to be perfectly matched to the lighting in a space and seamlessly disappear into the overall design, all while delivering incredible, ultra-high-output audio.

When we look at the 853, we marvel at its brilliance. But we don’t stop there, we also look ahead in anticipation for the next big idea that pushes the boundaries once again, and we invite you to join us in the process.

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