Why Architects, Designers, Homeowners & Business Owners Love Stealth Acoustics

Why Architects, Designers, Homeowners & Business Owners Love Stealth Acoustics

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Stealth Acoustics is well known for their industry-leading flat radiating diaphragm speaker technology. With high performance, reliability, and aesthetics as their driving forces; they continuously strive to bring products to market that address these goals. And after nearly two decades in the industry it is no surprise that they offer a comprehensive product lineup that includes home theater audio and high-performance outdoor video systems.

Stealth Acoustics is a division of Dimensional Communications, Inc.—a commercial integration firm in operation since 1973 located outside of Seattle in the Northwestern United States.

  • Stealth is a manufacturing company with integration in its bloodline
  • Stealth products are rigorously tested to ensure ultimate reliability
  • Stealth’s focus is on performance and reliability

This article will discuss Stealth’s unique invisible speakers, including invisible outdoor soffit mount speakers. You will learn how their 170-degree sound radiation pattern solves issues that conventional flush-mount speakers cannot. Then you will learn about Stealth’s unique high-performance outdoor video systems and home theater solutions.

Stealth Invisible Speakers

Stealth’s LineaResponse indoor and StingRay outdoor product families offer speaker models appropriate for many types of installations and applications. Stealth speakers are designed to deliver unparalleled performance while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Additionally, the Stealth Patio Theater family of large format, outdoor LED TV systems (available in retracting, folding and fixed models) deliver a unique daylight viewable TV experience for residential and commercial applications.

LineaResponse Invisible Speakers


  • A focus on clean aesthetics and “invisibility”
  • 2-way and 3-way Speakers
  • D’Appolito Driver Arrangements (some models)
  • Stereo Input/Dual Voice Coil Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • 70-volt Commercial Speakers
  • Indoor and Outdoor Speakers
  • Large Format LED Technology

FidelityGlass™ Technology

At the heart of Stealth Acoustics products is the FidelityGlass™ radiating diaphragm. Stealth has developed the technology to generate high-quality, full-range sound energy via a proprietary diaphragm material which is bonded to a patented rigid frame creating a large acoustically active area surrounded by a stable mounting surface. This FidelityGlass™ technology allows the LineaResponse speakers to be invisibly installed in walls and ceilings. It allows the StingRay speakers to be completely water-tight for an outdoor speaker like no other. It is also the technology behind the built-in audio systems in each of the Stealth Patio Theater models.

“We Test Every Product We Make!”

Reliability is one of Stealth’s primary goals and their speakers and TV systems are designed for long-term use. By using high-end components, protection devices, and general over-provisioning of the specifications, their products last a lifetime.

Stealth Products Are:
  • Small batch, hand-built in the USA
  • Made from the highest quality designs and materials
  • Rigorously tested – 100% QC

LineaResponse Invisible Speakers

Stealth’s LineaResponse LRX Series invisible speakers are the highest performing, best sounding invisible speakers on the market, ideal for home theater surround sound and ATMOS systems as well as stereo listening. Additionally, the LRg Series invisible speakers range from a 6” LR6g model perfect for whole-home and commercial audio to the popular and versatile 8” LR8g model. Completing the soundscape are two Bg Series invisible subwoofer systems for added bass response. — LineaResponse speakers are not just a hole-in-the-wall speaker with an “invisible” grille.


  • FidelityGlass™ flat radiating diaphragm technology
  • Extreme 170 degree sound dispersion
  • Patented combination of transducers & drivers
  • Traditional woofer driver in every speaker for excellent bass response
  • Smooth frequency extension
  • Protected from excessive input with self-resetting polyswitch circuits
  • Backed by a comprehensive warranty and an optional extended warranty that exceeds industry norms

What Is Invisibility?

For LineaResponse speakers the FidelityGlass™ radiating diaphragm technology is not only used for generating sound, but for its smooth, paintable surface which is the key to their invisibility. During installation, the speaker assembly is attached directly to the structural framing of a wall or ceiling. Standard wall finishing techniques are all that is necessary to render the speaker visually invisible. On-site finishing options include; latex paint, light wallpaper, fabrics, and selected texture coats. Level-5 finishes and other advanced finishing methods such as veneer treatments may be supported (contact Stealth Acoustics). —No speaker grills, no exposed drivers!

Stealth Acoustics - HTA 2021 Oct - Animation




Besides visual invisibility, the FidelityGlass™ radiating diaphragm generates a 170 degree sound dispersion pattern eliminating the “flashlight effect” common with traditional speakers making the location of LineaResponse speakers “audibly invisible” with no identifiable sound source. Stealth speakers make the walls sing!

These two features combine to make LineaResponse speakers incredibly versatile. The speakers can easily be installed in locations where symmetrical speaker placement is not possible. A speaker location can be shifted to avoid structural obstacles or architectural elements of a room's design without any visible or audible imbalance.

The Industry’s First Invisible Under Eaves Speaker

In a 2020 CEPro survey on outdoor AV projects the number one industry requested product was for an invisible under eaves speaker - and Stealth Acoustics had it all along! The StingRay Soffit Speaker offers an under-eaves solution for high-quality outdoor audio without visual disruption to the architecture. Similar to a LineaResponse indoor speaker, once mounted flush with the soffit the pre-primed Soffit Speaker is ready for seam sealing and paint allowing it to become invisible against the surrounding soffit. — Replace ugly, rusted, conventional soffit speakers!

StingRay Soffit Speakers achieve aesthetic perfection without compromising audio quality

StingRay Outdoor Speakers

Creating great sounding outdoor speakers that can take on nature’s toughest elements is no easy task, but with the StingRay line of environmentally durable speakers and subwoofers, Stealth Acoustics has done just that!

StingRay high-performance outdoor speakers are based on a foundation of the LineaResponse indoor speakers capitalizing on the benefits of the FidelityGlass™ radiating diaphragm technology, which in this case also allows them to achieve an industry-leading IP68 waterproof rating. With a fully sealed design that prevents water, dust particles, and pests from getting inside and an operating temperature range of 0° – 150° F, StingRay speakers are at home in any climate.

StingRay outdoor speakers deliver smooth mid and high frequency response with a solid, rich bass extension and are ideal for luxury residential, commercial, and marine applications

Invisibility: Blend In! or Stand Out!

The sleek design and multiple mounting options mean StingRay speakers won’t be an eyesore and custom finishing options can further increase their concealment. A speaker can be painted to match the exterior finish of a building or the front radiating diaphragm of a StingRay speaker may be vinyl wrapped (on-site or custom ordered). Applying a photo of the surroundings can help conceal the speaker blending it into its background. Alternatively, a “hide in plain sight” approach can be taken and logos, branding graphics, or artwork can be applied for a unique audio solution.

Stealth Acoustics - HTA 2021 Oct - SR Family

Stealth Patio Theater

The Stealth Patio Theater (SPT) family of outdoor TV systems range from 103” to 339” diagonal and are designed for maximum performance with minimal aesthetic impact in outdoor living spaces. Each of the three distinct SPT product lines are based around a daylight viewable, outdoor-rated LED display that outshines typical projection systems which typically struggle under these conditions. Each system includes all necessary electronics and offers multi-channel speaker/subwoofer options to create a uniquely capable and fun outdoor AV experience right out of the box. Each model offers audio options which incorporate Stealth’s FidelityGlass™ radiating diaphragm speakers for their audio performance, weatherproof properties, and visual invisibility.

Stealth Patio Theater is available in three options: SPT Extreme, SPT Transformer, and SPT Megalith

SPT Extreme

The SPT Extreme (104” to 184”) features a vertical lift system ideal for recessing the TV below grade for a pop-up experience and is a complete outdoor theater system in a single weatherized enclosure. Upgrades for 2021 include an all-metal structure in eight enamel colors and expanded integrated audio options.

SPT Transformer

The SPT Transformer (120”) folds into its compact fiberglass shell and is equally at home on a patio or yacht. Designed for luxury marine applications, the fold-out Transformer is now available in a selection of yacht-grade gel coat colors and is a compact solution for any location.

SPT Megalith

SPT Megalith (137” to 274” and beyond) is a free-standing or wall-mountable TV that features an improved Sound Bar design and custom fabricated support options. As a fixed installation based on modular LED screen technology the Megalith can be created at virtually any size to best suit its environment.

What Does It All Mean?

  • A/V Integrators love Stealth Acoustics because they offer unique solutions that make no compromises to the power and performance needs of today’s demanding indoor and outdoor A/V systems.
  • Designers & Architects love Stealth Acoustics because their products make no compromises to the aesthetic design of living spaces.
  • Home & Business Owners love Stealth Acoustics for the WOW factor of a Patio Theater and the clear, immersive, award-winning invisible audio — no more speaker grilles!

Stealth stands behind each of its products offering accessories and support to ensure every installation is a success. When A/V Integrators and dealers offer Stealth Acoustics products they make happy designers and happy homeowners.

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