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Beyond Sound with Sonance

Beyond Sound with Sonance

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What if we told you that the best example of attention to detail is the one you don’t see? Technology hidden in a wall or a backsplash is the culmination of thousands of decisions made to bring you the ultimate, integrated audio and smart home experience. That’s Sonance, a company that designs technology that seamlessly melts into any design aesthetic to deliver the ultimate sound experience imaginable in any architectural space. 

The ingredients that are required to make all this happen go far “Beyond Sound.” While audio is a vital aspect of its work, Sonance’s true talent lies in not only designing technology to disappear, but creating authentic partnerships and nurturing its heritage of innovation in both products and ideas. 

Designed to Disappear
By designing technology to disappear, Sonance achieves a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. This approach allows the company’s products to seamlessly blend with their surroundings, preserving the beauty and design integrity of the space they occupy. Whether it's in a luxury home, commercial space, or outdoor environment, Sonance's discreet audio solutions deliver high-quality sound without disrupting the visual appeal. 

Authentic Partnerships
Sonance takes immense pride in its authentic partnerships, working closely with clients and collaborators to understand their unique needs and challenges. Together, they co-create solutions that seamlessly integrate with their environments, enriching the lives of those who interact with Sonance products. 

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A Heritage of Innovation
The Heritage of Innovation at Sonance runs deep, inspiring the company to push the boundaries of what's possible in the audio industry. With a rich history of introducing groundbreaking technologies and design concepts that have redefined audio experiences, this heritage serves as the foundation for Sonance to continue driving the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends. 

The Sonance Studio
By embracing these three pillars, Sonance creates a truly magical experience for its customers. At the Sonance Studio, the mission is to help everyone who enters their doors understand the Why behind what Sonance does, as the company believes that's where their genuine value lies.

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The Sonance Studio is not merely a space that showcases an exceptional collection of Sonance, James Loudspeaker, IPORT & TRUFIG products; it is, in fact, the ultimate marketing laboratory where Sonance explores new and innovative ways to communicate with valued dealers, homeowners, builders, designers, and architects. 

Sonance loves hosting visitors at the Studio in San Clemente, CA. The tours offered are not centered around technical details or product specifications; rather, they revolve around curated experiences.

The Sonance studio is in the midst of an exciting change as it undergoes major renovations, with the aim of further simplifying the audio conversation. Sonance is focusing on four core categories: Music for the Home, TV Audio, Surround Sound, and Music Outside. 

Sonance looks forward to welcoming everyone back soon to experience the enhanced Sonance Studio, where the company strives to create extraordinary encounters that embody its passion for designing technology to disappear, creating authentic partnerships, and furthering its heritage of innovation.