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Design and Performance Meet at the Source

Design and Performance Meet at the Source

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Many things go into creating an elevated entertainment experience at home. The equipment, how it works together as a system, the performance of the room, the design of the room, and the way the homeowner interacts with the system all commingle to make or break the experience

A breathtaking, high-design home theater is not of much use if the touchscreen does not work. Conversely, the system can perform to the highest standards, but if the room is unattractive and uncomfortable, no one will want to spend time there. Kaleidescape is one company that bridges the experience gap between performance and design.

Honoring the Source with Impeccable Performance
The content source is the most important part of the entertainment experience. It’s the source of your tears during movies like Terms of Endearment, of spine-tingling terror during a horror pic like The Conjuring, or of heart-pounding action in flicks like Top Gun: Maverick. The source is the heart of the experience. 

Unlike streaming, Kaleidescape delivers lossless audio and reference-grade video downloadable to your Kaleidescape server in minutes, often before that content is available on disc. Build your library by downloading movies from Kaleidescape’s online movie store, which sends you downloads instead of streaming movies in real-time over the Internet so you are not subject to a network’s whims, such as congested bandwidth and buffering. It also means files can be much, much larger than compressed, lossy streamed files, which is part of the reason why Kaleidescape is able to serve up better quality. 

Kaleidescape is the only digital provider of movies with lossless audio and reference video quality and, in short, is the highest quality source you can achieve at home. Streaming is a “lossy” format that discards a lot of the audio and video data in a file so that it is small enough to stream in a passable experience. Kaleidescape believes customers deserve way more than just an adequate experience, and that’s why Kaleidescape movie files offer an audio and video bitrate 10 times higher than typical streamers! 

Kaleidescape’s lossless audio makes your audio video processor, amplifier, and speakers sound superb, while the reference-grade video makes your projector, screen, or TV look more realistic, vibrant, and lifelike. The dramatic improvement of Kaleidescape source material over streaming also improves all the equipment in your system, elevating every component. 

pic:HTA Article Image 2 ParadiseTheater ContemporaryTheater-26.jpg pk:353 alt:None
Private cinema images by permission of Paradise Theater.

The Source That Activates the Room
For Kaleidescape, the source material is so important; it’s the trigger that activates various design elements in the room. Kaleidescape’s movie experts annotate each movie with data such as screen size, end credit, and intermission cues to allow players to integrate with home automation and even voice control. Pressing play can cause curtains to open and close for dramatic effect at the appropriate time based on the content chosen. It can set in motion screen masking for the perfect aspect ratio and   eliminate those unsightly “black bars” around the image. Kaleidescape can even interface with lighting to impressively lower the lights when the content begins…or gradually ramp up lighting after the show is over to allow the audience’s eyes to adjust. Cues from Kaleidescape cause the shades to raise or lower and adjust seating when the titles roll. 

These little differences are what all coalesce to create a premium, luxury experience. Streaming services just don’t have this kind of functionality to harmoniously blend the technology with the room design. This advanced appreciation of the cinematic experience is what quantifies the Kaleidescape experience. Of course, users can enjoy their Kaleidescape system throughout the home, starting a movie in the theater, then easily moving into a living room or bedroom to continue watching. Extending the experience is as simple as adding a Kaleidescape player to other TVs in the home. 

Design + Technology Now and In the Future
The Home Technology Association (HTA) has done a fantastic job acting as a home technology ambassador to the design-build trades, including architects, building designers, builders, remodelers, and interior designers. Kaleidescape supports HTA’s outreach, such as the new HTA Design Partner program that clearly defines how Home Technology firms and Design/Build pros should work together to achieve successful project outcomes. The corresponding HTA Technology Partner program recognizes home design and build professionals that proactively plan for their clients' technology needs. Again, performance is ineffectual without design, and design is empty without performance. Initiatives like these help to connect technology and design trades for the benefit of the end user/homeowner.

pic:HTA Article Image 3 Kaleidescape-Terra-Strato-C-White-300ppi.jpg pk:354 alt:None
Kaleidescape movies are downloaded to a Terra movie server in your home and played back on Strato movie players throughout your home.

At Kaleidescape, we have a lot in common with the HTA’s ongoing design initiatives. It’s our goal, as well, to create a better experience for the homeowner. That’s why we’ve recently launched the Kaleidescape Home Theater Guide. This comprehensive resource guide was created to help anyone—homeowners, designers, architects, or builders—navigate the experience of designing a home theater. Whether it’s a room designed from the ground up or the redesign of an existing space, our Home Theater Guide delivers topics as varied as spatial audio to screen size to top design considerations. 

Because we consider the intersection of design and performance so important, we took special care with the design section, curating interesting and informative articles from top design experts. Here are a few highlights: 

Home Theater Design: Top Considerations to Create a Room You’ll Love. Home theater design guru Lisa Slayman, Slayman Cinema, gives Kaleidescape tips from her experience designing home cinemas that bring the best in performance, design, comfort, and inspiration. READ THE ARTICLE

Beyond Immersion: Escaping into the You-Are-There™. Preeminent home theater acoustic designer Keith Yates discusses theBuzz and Fuzz around “immersive” movie experiences. READ THE ARTICLE 

What Matters Most: Designing Private Cinemas with a Personal Touch. Theater design maestro and founder of Cinema Connoisseur Sam Cavitt muses on the importance of listening to the homeowner in order to bring their vision to life. READ THE ARTICLE

The Kaleidescape movie store has 14,000 titles, 1,700 titles in 4K resolution, and more than 700 4K movies not released on disc – that’s more 4K movies with lossless audio than any other service, with studio-quality curation and a personalized cinematic experience.

The best way to experience all the premium content that Kaleidescape has to offer is with a demonstration, which any Kaleidescape dealer can help you with. Find a dealer at this link. In the meantime, take a look at our Home Theater Guide and start gearing up to create the Ultimate Entertainment Experience for your next home project. 

Click Here to Visit the Kaleidescape Home Theater Guide

Note: The banner image for this article is used by permission of Slayman Cinema. The screen image is from Star Trek Beyond, available to purchase on the Kaleidescape movie store. © MMXVI Paramount Pictures corporation.  All Rights Reserved.