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Ketra Lighting Upgrade Adds Entertainment Options for Upscale Lake House

Ketra Lighting Upgrade Adds Entertainment Options for Upscale Lake House

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Lighting Upgrade Adds Entertainment Options for Upscale Lake House

A truly smart home is more than all the latest technology—it’s about the unique experiences it creates for the homeowners.

Tucked away above a charming New England lake, a secluded vacation home already had a planned addition underway in late 2019. But as the COVID-19 pandemic advanced, it became clear that the project needed to be reimagined. 

When school and work went fully remote, the homeowners decided to make the space their family’s home for the duration of the pandemic, although they knew that they would need a visual upgrade, as well as more entertainment options for all the time spent indoors. 

Light Designer and owner of Conceptual Lighting, Peter Romaniello, and integrator, Michael Oh owner of TSP Smart Spaces, turned to Ketra’s advanced lighting technology to create a recreational space that stayed true to the sleek and luxurious feel of the house.

Ketra Lighting for Luxury Homes
Sitting to the right of the main house, this entertainment addition provides a rich variety of recreational activities for the family.

Using Light to Amplify Entertainment

The homeowners chose Ketra lighting to make the space versatile enough to host gatherings of all types. The bowling alley was a prime example— Ketra lights are custom programmed with a wide variety of cosmic-themed scenes of saturated colors to create a fun atmosphere. 

When it came to the neighboring pool area, TSP utilized Ketra’s ability to match the color temperature of natural light and automatic Sivoia shades to promote the luxuries of indoor and outdoor living. Recessed linear fixtures project saturated colors on the textured walls, keeping the entire space visually harmonious.

Because Lutron’s HomeWorks control system was already installed in the main house, it was easy to add the new Ketra lamps and controls as the family’s needs changed.

Ketra D3 downlights paint the bowling alley a bright magenta, while G2 linears wash the wall in purple light.


G2 linears in the bowling alley glow a bright ocean blue, matching the pool’s tiles. Magenta light washes over the pool’s textured walls.

Using Ketra to Complement a Sleek Aesthetic

All 70 Ketra lamps and Lutron Sivoia shades were controlled by Palladiom and Pico keypads that were easily integrated into the main home’s existing Lutron Homeworks QS system

The clean look of the Ketra lamps were a perfect continuation of the clean, minimal aesthetic of the house, creating a unified, inviting environment ready for maximal recreation and relaxation. 

The building even won Silver for CEPro’s 2021 Home of the Year Award.

Whether it’s wading through its luxurious pool, bowling at a small family gathering, or participating in a good-natured paddle tennis playoff, this complex has truly become a galactic wonder that eclipses all getaway expectations.

To learn more about how Ketra’s lighting technology has helped bring other artistic visions to life, visit their project showcase here

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