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Desert Oasis in Las Vegas Delivers the Ultimate Hidden Technology Experience from the Inside Out

Desert Oasis in Las Vegas Delivers the Ultimate Hidden Technology Experience from the Inside Out

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PrimarySavant, partnered with the team from Blue Heron Company a design-led development firm, opened a smart living experience just outside of Las Vegas, NV. Vegas Modern 001, as the 15,000 square foot home is affectionately known, delivers an experience that unfolds to reveal layers of hidden technology nestled among the natural rock and water features – all finding a way to connect the indoor and outdoor experiences.

The unique design weaves the Las Vegas Strip’s culture of theatrical idiosyncrasies and drama with characteristics of the Mohave’s natural environment, all while hiding the most technologically advanced lighting, entertainment, and energy automation solutions right in plain sight.

interior view 3Entertainment Inside and Out: Savant delivers an impressive network-based audio and video entertainment experience throughout the entire Vegas Modern home. Visitors enjoy lifelike 4K movies and sporting events throughout 17 indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces as well as beautiful high-resolution digital music and other content across 43 zones. Users can select and enjoy their own entertainment in each room or send their favorite playlists across multiple zones for an immersive experience throughout the house. To achieve the most aesthetically pleasing presentation, Savant in-ceiling architectural speakers, designed by Artison to perfectly match the light fixtures, provide an elegant, clean look in every room.

Technology Highlights:

  • Networked video distribution across 15 interior and 2 exterior zones for perfectly synced audio and video experience
  • 35 premium video displays deliver unmatched viewing pleasure, including a majestic 98-inch LCD TV in the Great Room
  • High-resolution digital audio across 33 interior and 10 exterior zones
  • 96 speakers and subwoofers, indoor and out, including cleverly hidden invisible speakers and in-wall architectural subwoofers

dining 5Healthy Living, Healthy Lighting: Savant partnered with USAI Lighting to provide a smart lighting system paired with the latest in tunable LED technology and modern, motorized shades to accommodate floor-to-ceiling window-walls. Savant Daylight Mode adjusts the color temperature and brightness to mimic circadian cycles and promote a healthy lifestyle. Savant’s lighting solution extends the beauty and appearance of natural sunlight into the living space. The lighting can also be dynamically adjusted to effortlessly incorporate color into any Savant Scene.

Technology Highlights:

  • Savant Daylight Mode leverages the most advanced tunable LED lighting to adjust color temperature and brightness throughout the progression of each day promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • 375 tunable lighting fixtures create the most natural light imaginable and integrate effortlessly with Savant Scenes for 1-button access to a party motif, task lighting or any personalized settings
  • 40 motorized shades across 10 rooms open up the house to magical views of landscape and the Las Vegas Strip

Energy SpecsEnergy Sustainability and Monitoring with Savant Power: Grid outages and exorbitant energy costs are no match for Vegas Modern 001. In an effort to build a sustainable space, the home features the largest residential solar array ever deployed in the state of Nevada. In conjunction with the solar energy system, Savant Power outfitted the expansive residence with the company’s state-of-the-art inCharge™ microgrid, a smart microgrid technology that delivers energy monitoring and flexible load management.

Savant Power works day and night to optimize the consumption of power, increase efficiency, capitalize on time-of-use utility, and to make more informed decisions about energy usage. The system is designed to manage multiple power sources, including grid power, solar and/or wind energy, generator and battery power. The inCharge microgrid is able to seamlessly maintain power, with enough battery capacity to maintain operation of the entire home under normal conditions for up to 8 hours; or nearly 24 hours if only essential devices are active.

casita 6The result is a truly smart home that provides a comfortable, secure environment while maximizing efficiency and reducing energy costs. Built in Energy Mode deliver personalized pre-set energy scenes enabling users to prioritize use of stored energy and local generation to reduce grid dependence. Users can proactively disconnect from the grid to avoid peak rate times or activate an energy mode that best addresses any scenario while ensuring clean, reliable power—even during a grid failure.

Technology Highlights:

  • 327 solar panels, producing roughly 148MWh (megawatt-hours) annually provide residents with a sustainable luxury living experience plus the security of grid independence
  • 137kWh (kilowatt hours) of battery storage to back them up in the event of a grid outage
  • Multiple energy modes designed to automatically reduce power consumption during an outage, keeping critical systems online for comfort and security

Smart Home Made Easy with a Personalized Experience: Savant delivers the ultimate smart living experience without the hassle of a complex user interface. Residents will experience Savant’s best-in-class personalization capabilities and can easily create their own Savant Scenes, transforming the space to match their mood or accommodate their favorite settings with a single button-press or voice command. With Savant Scenes, homeowners can close the shades, put the big game on the TV, dim the lights and more via one effortless action. Savant Scenes can also be set to automatically activate based on time of day or other conditions throughout the home.

front exterior 2Technology Highlights:

  • 25 Savant touch panels & Savant Pro Remotes deliver Savant’s award-winning user experience
  • 30 security cameras that can all be viewed directly from the Savant app
  • 12 climate zones with scheduling features inside the Savant app
  • Indoor living becomes outdoor living with 22 Savant-controlled motorized doors, windows and patio heaters
  • Advanced Security, convenience and communication capabilities including door station and garage door integration within the Savant smart home ecosystem

Savant offers both in-person and virtual tours of Vegas Modern 001 as well as their acclaimed New York Experience Center. Please contact to schedule your guided experience.

AIA Accredited Courses

Savant offers 6 AIA accredited CEU courses including the latest, “Virtual Smart Home Experience & Demonstration” worth 1 LU | HSW. This live smart home virtual tour through an 8,000 sq. ft. luxury loft in New York City introduces participants to a wide range of the latest smart home solutions—from wellness-enhancing dynamic lighting, automated shades, multi-room audio/video and more. Please email to schedule your event.

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