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Become HTA Certified

Congratulations on your interest in becoming HTA Certified. HTA Certified firms must demonstrate excellence and leadership in three important areas:

  1. Technical Competence

  2. Customer Service & Aftercare Support

  3. Reputation

HTA Certification Defined (click here)

Apply for HTA Certification Here

Currently, HTA Certification is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

If you meet the HTA’s rigorous standards of excellence, you will be in the enviable position of being amongst the best integration firms in the industry. Use the HTA Certified distinction to legitimately disqualify from consideration the 85% + integrators in the market that routinely give clients poor technology experiences. The HTA Certification requirements are a compilation of policies and company attributes as defined by the HTA, industry professionals, and its Board of Advisors; the attributes that experience has shown to correlate with happy homeowners.

The application will ask for details about your company, including customer service policies, systems offered, industry certifications held, the amount and size of projects completed within the past 36 months, and more. The last step of the application process is entering your payment information (scroll below to see the application fee and certification dues *).

The following items are prerequisites to be considered for HTA Certification:

  • ownership and management team must have 3+ years of successful
    business performance
  • have a license if required by your locale
  • must be located in the USA, Canada, or the United Kingdom
  • be bonded if required by your municipality
  • must at least $1M of liability insurance
  • must have worker’s compensation if required in your location
  • if your primary business is not residential low-voltage systems (specifically audio/video & controls), you must have a dedicated low-voltage team within your company
  • must have solid customer service and aftercare policies
  • must be in good standing with manufacturers and local industry professionals (reps, service providers, etc.) and local competitors
  • must offer enterprise-grade networks on all projects
  • must not have any current tax liens
  • must not be involved in excessive litigation
  • must not have filed for bankruptcy within the past five years
  • must agree to perform background checks on all new employees
  • must agree to provide a copy of control system programming files to the client upon paid completion of the project
  • must agree to abide by the Home Technology Association's Code of Conduct

To begin the application process, click the button below*.

Apply for HTA Certification

* Fees: Application fee = $400. Certification dues are $150 monthly / $1500 annually if paying by ACH (Automated Clearing House), or $160 monthly / $1600 annually if paying by credit card. Outside of the United States payment must be by credit card.