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Residential Systems Article - Do Certifications Matter? - July 2018

Residential Systems article features Home Technology Association and the value of certificationsJuly 10, 2018 - An article on why certifications really do matter to clients when deciding who to hire to install home technology systems. Consumers want any validation point possible that they are making a good choice by hiring a particular home technology professional. They do not have enough data points typically to make a good hiring decision and they desperately want something that makes them feel more comfortable with a firm. The thousands of bad technology experiences from a sea of unqualified technology installers has created a very untrusting public that fears the low-voltage subcontractor hiring process. They have a lot of anxiety around technology, what technology systems should cost, and they fear hiring a company that does not know what they are doing and leave them stranded.

This Residential Systems article explains how certifications that both the staff and company can earn helps a client make the right buying decision. The value of a home technology installation firm becoming HTA Certified is clearly explained. Tips are shared on how to leverage certifications to differentiate a company against lesser-qualified installation companies.

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