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HTA Certification Tier

HTA Certified - Luxury

Company Statistics
Years in business: 
10 years
Home automation installation by CO-DA for Denver
Audio Video Systems integrator CO-DA services Union
AV installer CO-DA services Union
Mission statement: 

We are a custom audio video integration company based in Charlotte, NC with the drive to be the best in the industry, matched by commitment to quality and innovation.

Vision statement: 

CO-DA promises to be Future Forward in our products, our pricing, our designs, our installations, our customer service, our operations, our marketing, and our overall train-of-thought. We all know technology changes daily. We are always a moment from a new announcement on the newest game-changing technology-device that will revolutionize the way we live. As a custom audio video company, we have to always prepare our customers with the possibility of tech-change. We have to constantly educate ourselves and apply that education to stay relevant. We have to always move ahead and not slow down. Our products and client projects HAVE to have the ability to be upgraded. To work with any client and not give them the ability to upgrade in the future is pointless. Many companies will waste their time and their customers’ time by installing what they feel comfortable with and is outdated. Most importantly, we want to be Future Forward-minded because we want our clients to be with us for the long haul. We want to our operate not focused on the immediate job at hand, but the potential job in the future, because that’s how we will continue to thrive. When we focus on making the client happy and keeping them that way, our clients will come back. The best business is word of mouth, and therefore that’s why we chose Future Forward.

Company description: 

We are a professional & custom audio video company with the drive to be the best in the industry, matched by commitment to quality and innovation. For over 15 years, CO-DA has solidified itself as the true leader in home & business innovations. We provide multiple services for our clientele, making us a one stop shop. On staff we have designers, installers, programmers and even our own contractor to better serve our clientele. That keeps us from out-sourcing our services; thus, keeping your project more cost and time effective.

Number of office locations: 
Number of full-time employees in the entire company
Customer Service / Aftercare
Dedicated aftercare service staff
Same day emergency service
24-hour emergency onsite service
24-hour phone support
Offers remote system monitoring & support
Project Size Information

This chart shows the price range of “whole home technology system” projects where the dealer has installed multiple technology systems (prewire, audio/video, network, smart home, etc.) in multiple rooms of the home. The chart reflects a time period of 36 months. The numbers include any private home theaters and media rooms that were part of the project. The pricing excludes lighting controls, motorized shading/drapery systems, and sales tax. The number in parenthesis are the amount of projects completed in each price range category.

Typical whole home system project size: 
$20,000 min
$500,000 max
$60,000 typical
$5,000 min
$120,000 max
$30,000 typical
Home Size & Value Information
3,000sqft min
38,000sqft max
6,500sqft typical
$500,000 min
$20,000,000 max
$1,500,000 typical
Manufacturer endorsed?
Industry Professional endorsed?
Architect endorsed?
General Contactor endorsed?
Interior Designer endorsed?
Services Offered
Audio Video Systems
Home Theater Systems
Smart home / Home Automation
Home Monitoring
IT Networks
Security Cameras
Telephone Systems
Access Control
Lighting Control Systems
Motorized Shading
Engineering / As-Built Drawings
Control System Programming
Energy Management
Audiophile Music Systems
Marine AV & Control Systems
Commercial AV & Control Systems
3rd party: 
Alarm Systems
Office space
Rack building/testing area
Offers engineering & as-built documentation?
Offers enterprise-grade networks?
Savant » Gold Dealer
Savant » Ambassador
Lutron » Gold Provider
National magazine
CEPro 100
Lutron » Homeworks Authorized Provider
Lutron » Sivoia QS Authorized Provider
Lutron » RadioRA2 Preferred System Provider
Savant » Core 1
Savant » Level 2
Savant » Savant shade certified
Control4 » Certified Automation Programmer
License & Insurance Information
Low-voltage license: 
Not required
Worker’s compensation insurance: 
Liability Insurance: 
Liability insurance: 
Electronics and installation workmanship warranty: 
1 year
3rd party extended warranty polices offered on electronic components or systems: