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APC | Keith Yates Design - High-Performance Cinema Engineering & Acoustic Design

The APC portfolio of strategic partners includes: acoustical, mechanical and architectural design; professional video & audio engineering and technology; bespoke interior furnishings; and high-resolution theatrical content for the end users’ enjoyment. The APC mission is to lead the way in providing an industry level result within the residential space.

Advanced Private Cinema and partners invite our clients to experience the luxury of an industry-level theater in the comfort of their own home.

Keith Yates Design (KYD) is the world’s leading design & engineering firm specializing in high-end, purpose built private theaters and screening rooms.

KYD draws on a science-based approach supported by over $400,000 in specialized engineering tools and an in-house team of architects, engineers, interior designers, project managers and construction administrators.

Since 1991 KYD has focused on envisioning, modeling, optimizing, documenting, testing and obsessively calibrating these venues for cinematographers, technologists and everyday movie and music lovers.

Product Highlights: 

Hahn Theater
Modern Minimalist
Mediterranen Theater
Multipurpose Family Room
Modern Theater
Theater/DJ Room
Cozy Space
Moroccan Theme
Gaming Room
Surf Theme
Integrator Showroom
Audiophile Theater
Southwest Modern
Home Recording Studio
Opera House
Black Minimalist
Studio to the Home - Private Cinema
KYD's Acoustic Engineer, Andrew Steele, joins Meyer Sound’s Miles Rogers, Cinema and Content Creation, for a webinar on the importance of acoustic design.
APC | Keith Yates Design
Years in business: 30 years