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Since 1980, AudioQuest, headquartered in Irvine, California, has been a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-performance audio/video products and custom-install solutions. Although best known for its comprehensive range of analog, digital, and AC power cables, the company has expanded its portfolio to offer a diverse assortment of state-of-the-art products, including the multi-award-winning DragonFly DACs, Lyra phono cartridges, and Niagara and PowerQuest power products. Most recently, The Quest Group, AudioQuest’s parent company, acquired the highly regarded loudspeaker company, GoldenEar Technology. All AudioQuest products, regardless of price, are meticulously designed to deliver outstanding performance and exceptional value. Learn more at

Product Highlights: 

High-Performance Digital
Whether its USB, HDMI, Ethernet, coax, or optical, AudioQuest digital-audio cables are carefully designed to efficiently dissipate noise and reduce distortion.
High-Performance HDMI
All AudioQuest 18Gbps High Speed HDMI cables are guaranteed to have the 18Gbps bandwidth required for compelling features like 8K/30, HDR, and eARC.
DragonFly DAC/Amp
From MP3 to MQA and High-Res: Naturally Beautiful Sound at Your Fingertips—Whenever and Wherever You Want It
High-Performance Analog
All AudioQuest cables are designed to efficiently dissipate noise and significantly reduce distortion, enabling clean, clear, naturally beautiful sound.
Years in business: 41 years