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Crestron - Home Control & Smart Home

One complete system. One company that designs, manufactures and supports every component of that system in your home. One seamless experience where technology works in harmony, ease and simplicity, creating the experience you desire. It’s the complete package for any sized smart home project: a simpler, smarter user experience on mobile devices and TSW touch screens; remarkably fast deployment; and the confidence that comes with renowned Crestron hardware.  Every day begins with “good morning” and ends with “good night”. With tap of a button or the sound of your voice shades activate, temperature and lights adjust to pre-set preferences. Your music fills the room. The weather, your favorite show, or the news is just a touch away by remote, phone or touch screen. Your Crestron Home takes care of the details, so you can greet or end the day as you prefer. Leave knowing cameras are set, rooms are adjusted, doors are locked. When you return, your Crestron Home awaits, ready to instantly respond to your every command.

Product Highlights: 

Crestron Home
Your home extends beyond the walls and so does Crestron Home. Primary home, vacation home, none is ever out of sight. Monitor every residence from anywhere.
Crestron Home
Crestron Home: Life, Elevated
Smart. Simple. Intuitive. Responsive. Control everything in your Crestron smart home from wherever you happen to be with the Crestron Home™ app.
Years in business: 49 years
Offers CEU Credits
Courses offered:
  • CRES46: Residential Design with Motorized Shading Solutions
  • CRES47: Interior Technology 101: Residential Design Meets Technology
  • CRES48: Residential Lighting Controls