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Crestron - Motorized Shading

Crestron lighting control and motorized shading solutions deliver precise, quiet, one-touch control of electric and natural light for years. Our motors are subjected to rigorous testing at maximum torque. We meticulously monitor speed, torque, current, voltage, position and noise to ensure our motors maintain their specs.

They can also be combined with our advanced entertainment, climate, and security controls, so you can control everything in your home anytime, anywhere, from elegant touch screens or your favorite smart devices.

Crestron Battery Powered Shades
Ideal for retrofit applications, Crestron battery powered shades deliver fast, reliable wireless communications and so much more. Watch to learn more.
Crestron Battery Powered Shades: Battery Replacement
How to know when it’s time to replace the batteries for Crestron battery powered shades, plus simple step-by-step instructions for replacing them.
Crestron Battery Powered Shades: Décor Trim Options
Crestron battery powered shades are also available in décor style. See how to install them using standard 3-Series décor brackets.
Crestron Battery Powered Shades: How to Install and Add to a Crestron Home™ System
Get simple step-by-step instructions for installation of Crestron battery powered shades and configuration using the Crestron Home™ app.