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GoldenEar Technology - Speakers – Soundbars & Free-Standing

GoldenEar Technology is a market-leading high-end loudspeaker manufacturer aptly described by its slogans, “A Passion for Sonic Perfection” and “We Make High-End Affordable.” Headed by industry icon Sandy Gross, GoldenEar delivers the exceptional, award-winning Triton towers, Aon and BRX bookshelf speakers, SuperSat satellites, ForceField and SuperSub powered subwoofers, 3D Array soundbars, and Invisa architectural offerings. GoldenEar’s loudspeakers are engineered from the ground up at their state-of-the-art engineering facility in Arnprior, Ontario, and deliver equally superb sonic performance for both music and home cinema applications.

Product Highlights: 

Triton Series
“We Make High-End Affordable”, Floor Standing speakers, with Built in Subwoofers
GoldenEar recommended 5 channel system.
GoldenEar room filling, life like high-end performance.
GoldenEar Product Line
GoldenEar High-End performance at affordable pricing.
SuperSub Series
Ultra-high-performance Compact Subwoofers, delivering bone crushing bass.
3D Array series
Passive Soundbars with extraordinary sonic performance of a true Surround System.
GoldenEar recommended Atmos system.
State of the art no-compromise Atmos System.
GoldenEar Invisa series
Invisa series are engineered to deliver superb state-of-the-art Sound quality from in-wall/in-ceiling speakers.
GoldenEar recommend Soundbar System.
Engineered and voiced to perfectly complement and match each other.
GoldenEar recommend on wall/on stands system.
Super Sat Series delivers high-performance satellite loudspeakers which perfectly fulfill a wide variety of needs and applications.
GoldenEar Technology
Years in business: 11 years