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Grimani Systems - Home Theater / High-Performance Audio / Whole House Music

We make new-school audio systems for those who want to hear movies and music with full sound power. Our intelligent, easy to deploy, internet-connected systems incorporate revolutionary technologies and truly render the artistic vision of the musicians and filmmakers of the ultra high-definition era. We span the range from large surface-mounted self-powered DSP 135dB “flamethrower” speakers, to compact in-wall active devices with rack-mounted DSP & Dante amplifiers. We make everything to order to best fit your needs, and all our products meet the strict requirements of audiophile purity with cinema sound dynamics. Based on the patented CSA waveguide our speakers create an immersive experience beyond what you thought was ever possible, and they render holographic sound over a wide seating area. All our products allow remote-monitoring and use high-efficiency drivers and amplifiers for more power-efficient installations. Trust the name behind the brand, and give us a listen!

Red Hook Post installs Grimani Systems Cinema Three
Hip and trendy Red Hook Post set up shop in Brooklyn where creative talent abounds. They just installed a Grimani Systems Cinema Three, for sound quality heads and shoulders above anyone else. Anthony Grimani went to NY to commission and calibrate the system.
Grimani Systems at Tech Summit SoCal
From our booth at the Tech Summit Southern California, a great little trade show for those specializing in upscale residential AV, automation, and Smart Home technologies.
Delta Speaker Introduction
The Delta is our new smaller speaker optimized for home cinemas in the range from 200 to 400 square feet. Using the same award-winning technologies as its bigger siblings, it is fully active with built-in amplification, EQ, and constant directivity waveguide.
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