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Home Theater Glass - Video Projectors & Screens

Home Theatres have grown tremendously in recent years. Most people have become aficionados of electronic gear to get the best bang for the buck. But, one area to boost quality is the optical glass in front of the projector system. Opticlear port window glass is the highest rated performance camera lens quality glass used by the major motion picture studios, cinema chains, and projection manufacturers to achieve the best picture quality at the screen.

Now, you can integrate this exact same optics in your own home theatre for best picture quality. 

Product Highlights: 

Opticlear Glass
Frame & Glass
How to build an Anti Reflective Projection Port Window
OptiClear and PortWindowGlass.com will guide you on how to build your own Anti-Reflective Projection Port Window.
Sizing your OptiClear Projection Port Window Frame
A quick guide for you to understand the first steps in designing your Projection Port Window Frame
Our history in the Cinema Industry
A quick historical overview of American Computer Optics, Inc. and OptiClear Anti-Reflective Glass as a standard for projection port windows in the Cinema Industry.
"Why buy an OptiClear Port Window Frame"
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