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Meljac North America - Architectural Finishes

Meljac creates bespoke electrical hardware that is both beautiful and functional. We blend traditional French craftsmanship with high-precision manufacturing technologies to create products that are customized to meet the aesthetic and practical needs of any space.

Working mainly in brass with an unmatched catalog of hand-finished color options, our product line includes:

  • Keypads for lighting control and home automation systems
  • Outlet plates for all power and data requirements
  • Bespoke solutions for elevator controls, thermostats and security/intercom plates

Meljac products can be found in many of the finest hotels and private residences throughout the world. With a presence in the United States since 2013, and the founding of Meljac North America in 2018, we have delivered hundreds of top-tier projects working beside industry-leading specification and integration partners throughout the country.

For projects that demand customization, considered details, and the highest level of finish, Meljac is the answer.

Product Highlights: 

Classique Keypad
Momentary toggle for lighting or shade control. Polished nickel finish.
Classique Keypad
Momentary dry-contact push buttons for three lighting presets and dimming. Gray gunmetal finish with custom font engravings.
Ellipse Keypad
Momentary toggles for lighting or shade control. Brushed nickel finish.
Damier Keypad
Momentary push buttons (flush) for lighting and shade control. Brushed nickel finish.
Single Outlet Plate
Single power receptacle cover plate. Medium Bronze Finish.
Duplex Outlet
Duplex power receptacle with covers. Polished nickel finish.
Duplex Outlet with USB Port
Two power receptacles with 2.1A USB charging port. Light bronze finish.
Volume Control
Bespoke cover plate and rotary dial for Sonance volume control. Black stone finish.
Desk combination plate
Custom combination plate for desk including momentary push buttons, 2.1 A USB charging and power receptacles. Sandblasted gunmetal finish.
Meljac North America
Years in business: 25 years