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Planar - Outdoor Entertainment

From stadium scoreboards and concert venue backdrops to storefront advertising and transportation signage, there are many opportunities to deliver impactful visual experiences when people are outside. Planar outdoor LED display solutions are designed to be just what you need, where you need it, whether audiences are looking up at a lightweight hanging banner from the ground or reading the store from across the field.

Elemental Appeal

Outdoor environmental conditions can be treacherous. With features such as waterproofing, UV protective treatments, mesh for low wind resistance, wear-proof masking, and dust-tight enclosures, Planar’s outdoor LED solutions can weather the weather. It can be challenging to see on-screen content when the sun is shining. our outdoor LED displays are high brightness with as much as 6,000 nits, making them easy for the audience to see even in direct sunlight.

Application Versatility

Planar offers outdoor LED displays that are lightweight and can be hung; video walls for temporary events that can be quickly installed and disassembled by one person and transparent mesh to see nature through on-screen content.